My Books

I specialize in books featuring romance with a spicy side of domination and spanking. If you like naughty women who get spanked for misbehavior, and sometimes just for sexy fun, you’ll probably like these. They are filled with graphic scenes of kink and sex, but they aren’t your standard erotica. Expect deeply detailed plot and unusual twists in these novels.

Writing as Sadie Marks:

Sadec book covers

The Sadecs are fierce warriors, sadists who enjoy causing pain, but until they set foot on Earth they’ve never met their counterbalance. Among the humans they find people who not only accept pain willingly, but derive sexual pleasure from it.

For the Sadecs it becomes an addiction and they will do anything in their power to claim these Pain Receivers as slaves–including bribing them with the perfect body of their dreams, but if that doesn’t work they’re not above taking what they want.

*I intend to continue this series with some of the books focusing on other slaves. While Kenzi, in the first book, signed up willingly, other slaves did not so there will be non-consensual elements mentioned in these books.

Rise of the Sadecs 


Writing as Kessily Lewel:

Explore how sinfully otherworldly a paranormal romance can be as April and John form a relationship from opposite sides of the veil in the:

Gifted Affinities series


Katherine is heartbroken when her lover and Dominant dumps her out of the blue but when she spirals out of control a new man steps in to save her. Her hero, Jack, is no ordinary man. Discover the impossible secrets he’s keeping from her in the:

Timeless Love series