Timeless Love

In Time For Love

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Katherine is devastated when her dominant lover and boss breaks up with her right before their anniversary vacation. He suggests that she go ahead alone so she can recover and with her whole life falling apart around her and no idea of what she’s going to do next she does just that.

She is shattered, a submissive spinning out of control and seeing other happy couples just seems to make it worse. She’s headed for trouble when a mysterious stranger steps in and saves her life. The dominant vibes are pouring off of him in waves and she can’t help be drawn to him despite her broken heart–or maybe because of it.

She shocks them both when she asks him to punish her the way he would if she were his…and after that she might as well be as far as her heart is concerned. Things move very fast, they only have the length of the cruise after all, but the oddest things keep happening and no matter how hard she pushes he won’t answer all of her questions.

When he finally tells her his secret it’s bigger than she ever could have imagined and that’s just the tip of the iceberg, because there are plenty of mysteries he’s not ready to share yet.


Nothing but Time

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Jack had told her his biggest secret and he’d done it in such a way that she was already prepared to accept the truth, as incredible as it was. Now that she knew it wasn’t something nefarious she was hoping for a future beyond the ending of the cruise.

Jack was uncommitted and had no particular place to be so it seemed reasonable that he follow her home once they docked, but there were dangling threads of her past ready to ensnare them and suddenly the happily ever after she’d hoped for was looking doubtful.

When her ex, Christopher, shows up out of the blue to reclaim her she is left with choices to make. She expected the decision to be easy but Christopher has no intention of taking no for an answer and he’ll use every dirty trick in the book to get her to come back to him.

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No Time Like the Present