The Chaotic Musings of Kessily Lewel (and Sadie Marks)
cropped-2017-09-21-16-12-39.jpgI know, you were expecting a lot of black and red right? I veer away from the norm in most things. This website has tons of kinky naughtiness but while there is darkness here, there is also light. There is order and mayhem, and a riot of colors–but above all there is love.

Welcome to the chaos!

I started out as a fetish artist for C.F. Publications when I was barely in my twenties and before long I began to write for them as well. Hundreds of short stories later I finally decided to give novels a try; now I’m an author with six published novels under my belt. (Five as Kessily Lewel, and one as Sadie Marks.)

I love most genres, but almost everything I write includes power exchange relationships, so you’ll see a lot of that here. Romance, domestic discipline, sexy spanking, bondage, and a lot of steamy sex fills the pages of my books. If you like romance between stern Dominants and submissive women you’re in the right place.

I hope after your visit your dreams are especially…interesting.


Dealing With Punishment Issues–Part two of ‘Letting Punishments Go Can Be Unhelpful’

Letting punishments go can be bad for your D/s relationship, but sometimes you might need to work around issues that pop up. You might want to read part one first : Letting Punishments Go Can be Unhelpful  So what if the Dom is trying to let something slide but the submissive keeps doing it? Or …

Letting Punishments Go Can Be Unhelpful–Part One

Not all D/s relationships have the kind of structure where the Dom makes rules and dispenses punishment. But when you do include them in your D/s it’s important to follow through when the submissive breaks the rules. Some Dominants have trouble giving punishments and that’s okay, but if punishment isn’t something you can handle then …