Books by Kessily Lewel

Action Daddy Series

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Mitch James – Cowboy. Spy. And… Daddy?

Includes three books so far and the series is ongoing.

Daddy Takes the Reins Series

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A rekindled romance. A second chance at love. The Dominant she needs.

Includes four books so far, which make up a complete story arc with a HEA. The series is ongoing with a new arc beginning.

Masters of the Zodiac Series

A multi-author series in a shared world.

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Mastering Amari

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This is a stand alone book and no sequels are planned at this time.

I’m at an estate sale when I find her. She spills from her bottle in smoky tendrils like the genie she is—beautiful, flawless, mischievous… naughty. Well, this is one ‘master’ who knows how to take care of that, but I’ve never had an unwilling submissive before and I’m not about to start now.

I want to free her, but now I’ve got a problem. The minute my third wish is granted, she’s going to leave. Her beauty tempts me; her misbehavior begs for my undivided attention and a strong hand. My hand. Laid across her backside until she’s crying my name. I haven’t made my third wish yet, but I already know this is one woman I don’t want to let go.

The Krampus Collective Series

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This is a holiday themed series. New books in this series will be published between October and December. There are five books so far and a boxed set of the first three. The series is ongoing.

Gifted Affinities series

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Explore how sinfully otherworldly a paranormal romance can be as April and John form a relationship from opposite sides of the veil.

Timeless Love series

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A paranormal romance with a complete story arc and a HEA in the last book.

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