Gifted Affinities

A Haunting Experience

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April Cassidy is an extremely gifted medium who has always shunned her gifts. With an Irish father and a Native American mother April already felt like she was torn between worlds, without throwing in the freakish metaphysical powers that draw her to the other side, but when she’s offered the deal of a lifetime she’s finally forced to confront those gifts head on.

One month in a house with a reputation for being filled with dangerous spirits and April will get a payoff that will set her up for life. All she has to do is live there, and allow her psychic energy to stir of the spirits so they can be filmed and studied. Unfortunately she hadn’t counted on a Dominant ghost who still considers the house his property. All her powers are no match for the strength of this spirit and he is noticeably lacking in patience for the behavior of a modern woman.

She expected ghosts, she just didn’t expect to be spanked by one…and she certainly didn’t expect to fall in love with a man who died long before she was born. His harsh treatment of her should have scared her off…instead it lures her in and she finds herself agreeing to submit to his hand, but there is a major problem. When she was hired she agreed that every moment of her time in the house would be filmed and viewed.

There is no privacy for April and now she has an audience as she explores this new relationship. Every intimate moment is recorded. Every kiss… every spank…and it’s all on camera.

Awakened with a Touch

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April’s explorations in love and discipline continue with her ghostly lover, John. While she is slowly getting used to knowing that everything they do together will be seen by others, the stakes keep getting higher and she’s not sure how long she can continue. Her employer’s difficult demands cause April to struggle, but worse yet is the lawyer who visits once a week to deliver her payment.

As the job continues his behavior seems to get progressively more erratic and creepy. Knowing what she does with John, seeing it all on tape seems to be exciting him in a way that could be dangerous, especially when she’s trapped alone in the house with only the spirits for help. On top of that she has to wonder what future she could have with a man who is already dead.

The original payment that lured her into taking the job would never have been enough for her to put up with all of this, but love on the other hand…If she gives up and leaves she’ll lose her chance to be with John.

When things start to escalate long buried secrets come to light and she reaches out for help from the only people who can give it–her family. But if she risks everything and lets go of the last of her doubt…she might just get a chance for a true happily ever after.

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