Do you have all of my books under both pen names?

People have asked if I was going to update my checklist soon, so I have!

I’ve also had requests for tropes and trigger warnings on my books, but then I’ve had people who say they hate them because it ruins plot points, I’ve decided to make two lists here to try and please everyone.

Updating them going forward is going to be a lot of work, so I probably won’t have time to do it often, but I’ll try!

The following checklist is spoiler free. It gives you only the main genres of each series and lists the books.

Since some people will be able to see PDF previews of the files, I’ll put a little space here so just keep scrolling to see the Printable PDF with spoilers

View or download a printable list (pdf) WITH spoilers! Tropes and Trigger warnings will be listed which may give away important/mystery plot points.

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