Daddy Takes the Reins

This series has Daddy kink (no ageplay) There are now four in the series which completes the first story arc with Sam and Charlie, including a HEA, but it’s not over yet! The series will continue with Nick and Katie stepping up to take the spotlight in 2023

The first four books are now available as a box set too! You can save 50% by buying the collection instead of the individual books. Click to find on Amazon:

A rekindled romance. A second chance at love. The Dominant she needs.

When family tragedy brings Charlie back home to the ranch, she ends up face to face with the man she walked out on years before. Sam is just as hot and bossy as ever, but Charlie knows she made the right choice all those years ago and she’s determined to stay away.

But when her father’s will throws the two of them together, it quickly becomes clear that their explosive chemistry can’t be ignored. Now he’s in charge whether she likes it or not, and it’s bringing back all those memories of what they had before. But if things are going to work it has to be different this time. She knows what she needs. She needs him to be her Daddy. The only question is… can he handle her?

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