Rise of the Sadecs

Surrendering to Her General

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The day the Sadecs arrived on Earth was the day that Kenzi’s whole life changed. As one of the rare and valuable Pain Receivers that the alien warriors need to balance their sadistic ways, she has volunteered to become a willing slave to their lusts.  She soon finds herself kneeling at the feet of her new Master as they travel far away from everything she’d ever known.

There is a lot to love about her new life and the way he excites her with pain and pleasure. But the Sadecs share that which they value and as the General’s most prized possession she’s not exempt from experiencing the touch of his trusted warriors–whether she likes it or not.


Taken By The Renegade

Samantha is a masochist with no interest in the trappings of romance or submission, until she meets the sexy new Dominant in town and falls for him hard. But he’s not who she thought he was. He’s not even human.

Trev is a renegade member of the sadistic Sadec race. and by the time she learns it, she’s on his spaceship far from home. When she’s confiscated by his people as forbidden contraband, Sam finds herself reborn into her new life as Silla. She consents to fill her role as Pain Receiver and reluctantly learns to submit to their whims.

But Trev is never far from her mind, and when she’s given the chance to get back to her renegade Sadec Dom, she realizes it’s worth risking everything to be with him.

Taken by a Renegade is a stand-alone sequel/ companion to Surrendering to Her General. It’s full of steamy scenes, kink, and a lot of hot BDSM.

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