Taken By the Renegade –coming soon!

I’m pleased to announce that after many delays and contract negotiations I have finally signed the contract for Taken By the Renegade; the second book in the Rise of the Sadecs series! This is the series that’s coming out under my alter-ego Sadie Marks and if you haven’t read the first one you really should check it out here: Surrendering to Her General

I don’t yet have even a tentative release date for the sequel, but I’m hoping really hard for late April or early May.  It shouldn’t be long after that anyway.

I hope the readers enjoy it as much as the first one. I really feel bad about the long delay between the books but there were unavoidable complications. I have already started on the third book though so hopefully you won’t have to wait as long next time.

I did want to leave you with this gentle reminder: if you want to support authors whose content you enjoy, the best way to do that is to leave reviews on their books (And buy them too, of course) because reviews help push their books up in Amazon’s algorithms so more people can see them.

I’ve been asked a few times if I have a tipjar/Ko-fi/Patreon set up and no, I don’t.  I’m considering it for the future because I know there are people who would like to support my writing but don’t read e-books, don’t read fiction, or don’t have time to read books in general but I have to look into the mechanics of it.

Have a great week, everyone!

Making Rules With Your Submissive

A Submissive's Rules

I’ve been writing a lot about rules lately, so this article felt like it was long overdue. What I’d like you to do is read the title and put an emphasis on with. Making rules /with/ your submissive. What I see too often, both in fiction and in real life, is that the Dom simply hands down a list of rules that they think are in the best interests of the submissive, without actually discussing it with them.

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