The Lonely Doll Books and Thoughts on Growing Up Kinky

Everyone who is at least twenty-five probably remembers when spankings in kid’s books used to be common. Sometimes they were just brief mentions—other times they were fairly descriptive.

For those of us who developed an interest in spanking from a young age these scenes were gold mines. I still remember being as young as five and absolutely fascinated with spankings in cartoons. When I found my first spanking in a book, I was probably about eight.

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R.A.C.K and The Daddy Takes the Reins Series

Book four of Daddy Takes the Reins, Forever His Brat, came out a few weeks ago. It completes the story arc for Sam and Charlie. They get their happy ever after and I really love how everything wrapped up. The series is going to continue, but with a new couple taking the lead.

I still have plans for Sam and Charlie, so you’ll see them again– probably sooner than you think.

But today I want to talk about one facet of Charlie and Sam’s dynamic. Even though Claiming His Brat came out well over a year ago, I still get complaints about the fact that they don’t use safewords during punishment.

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Big Daddy Takes the Reins Sale!

It’s April Fool’s but this is no joke! The first three books of the Daddy Takes the Reins series are on sale for the week. It’s the first time I’ve put all of these books on sale like this. Taming His Brat and Keeping His Brat have never been on sale since release.

This is a kindle countdown deal so it may not be available in every country. Sorry, I don’t have control over that– it’s all on Amazon. I know some of my Canadian readers have complained about it. If you are in the United States or the UK you should be fine though.

The prices are staggered
Claiming His Brat .99
Taming His Brat 1.99
Keeping His Brat 2.99

The sale lasts through the end of the day on April 7th

You can find the series here: Daddy Takes the Reins