Daily Rules and How They Work Part 2–Do You Need Them?

This article is continued from Part One

People who are new to D/s often struggle with what kind of rules to incorporate in their relationship, if any. In the first section of this article we talked about daily rules and why we use them. Whether or not you want to have them is going to depend on the kind of relationship you have, but I do think small things like this are really important.

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Daily Rules and How They Work

I realized while writing this that it was running a bit long, so I’ve decided to break it in half. My normal readers should be used to that. For anyone new to the blog… sorry, but I often have a lot to say when I’m talking about relationship dynamics.

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Please ignore the accidental post I made earlier. I was setting up a two-part article and pressed the wrong button.  It’s deleted so the link won’t work anyway, but for those of you who caught it you got a surprise preview!

For everyone else this is what you have to look forward to:
Daily Rules and How They Work –Friday January 10th
Daily Rules and How They Work Part 2– Friday January 17th

I will be diving into the next Sadec sequel soon, but I’m trying to get ahead on blog posts while I wait to find out if Taken By The Renegade has been accepted. (Still no news yet!)