Exciting News!

Last year I wrote a book that was a little bit different than anything I’d done before. It was planned as a stand-alone for one thing, and I usually do series. And it’s a bit of a slow burn when many of mine dive into sexiness quickly. With this one there is some punishment spanking early on, but the sex and bedroom kink begins later because the story required it.

I’m a big fan of not forcing characters into things that don’t work for them and these two were really stubborn, but I loved their story and I loved the way it all came together. It was rich in detail and I did a lot of research to make it perfect. Despite all of that work, once it was done I ended up putting it aside.

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Cyber Pulse is Live!

You might remember that I am participating in an LGBTQ anthology under Sadie Marks, and I wanted to write Dez’s story of how he ended up with the Sadecs. Well it’s now live and you can get it here: Cyber Pulse

The anthology has lots of authors, a variety of steam levels, and different pairings so hopefully something to suit everyone. So why not slip it into your Pride Month reads?

My story is a novella, M/M, steamy, and of course has plenty of kink and BDSM. Here’s a little snippet of a scene just to tease you.

Close Encounters
By Sadie Marks

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Keeping His Brat

It’s a busy month so far around here. I’m working on putting my schedule together for the rest of the year and whewwwww. It’s going to be crazy. If you’re curious I’ll fill you in on my publishing plans once I get it all settled.

In the meantime I have one serious blog post planned for this month and it will be coming towards the end (Brats! Are they subs or what?) but I didn’t want things to get too quiet around here so I thought you might like a teaser from what I’m working on right now.

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Punishing a Submissive Part Two: Sometimes it’s Not About Teaching A Lesson

In the first part we did a basic overview of why some subs/bottoms/littles want or need punishment, and basically what the point of it is. I think that covered the common things people tend to talk about. Probably nothing too earth-shattering in that, but we laid the groundwork to discuss some things that are a little deeper.

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