Exciting News!

Last year I wrote a book that was a little bit different than anything I’d done before. It was planned as a stand-alone for one thing, and I usually do series. And it’s a bit of a slow burn when many of mine dive into sexiness quickly. With this one there is some punishment spanking early on, but the sex and bedroom kink begins later because the story required it.

I’m a big fan of not forcing characters into things that don’t work for them and these two were really stubborn, but I loved their story and I loved the way it all came together. It was rich in detail and I did a lot of research to make it perfect. Despite all of that work, once it was done I ended up putting it aside.

I didn’t feel like it was the right time to release it. I wasn’t entirely sure how I wanted to release it either and I was pretty busy learning the ropes of self publishing so I didn’t want to add it to the books I was already putting out myself. It’s just been waiting all this time. You may actually remember me talking about it last year, and I think I gave you a couple of teasers. It’s about a genie (sort of) which just seemed perfect for my kind of genre.

I figured I’d know when it was time to send it out into the world, and guess what?

It’s time.

Maren Smith, who many of you will know from the Masters of the Castle series has decided to open her own publishing company. She reached out to a small group of authors in the same genre to let us know what she was planning and I knew it was time to get this book out.

I am so excited to be part of her new adventure. Honestly it’s going to be amazing. Her publishing company is called Red Hot Romance Publishing and I’ve got a glimpse into the staff she’s hiring. All very highly- skilled people so I know this is going to be a success.

I will be updating you as things progress but we are looking at a late July or early August release for it. Now, you might recall I had mentioned a similar release schedule for Keeping His Brat and I haven’t decided how that’s going to affect it yet. I may just go ahead and release them the same week. Or I may move Sam and Charlie into August instead.

Either way I’m pretty sure you’ll be seeing a lot from me in the next few months! Actually I’m going to be super busy through the end of the year with staggered releases just about every couple of months. (I’m tired just thinking about it honestly.)

On a personal note the 15th was a big day for me. It was both my anniversary as an author (4 years since A Haunting Experience came out.) and my 3rd anniversary (official) with my Dom, G.

G has been an amazing influence in my life. I can’t even tell you what it has been like in the past three years to have such stable love and guidance. I think G is one of the few people out there who says ‘always’, and means it. Even if we end our D/s relationship at some point I have faith that we’ll continue to be close. I really can’t picture my life without him in it and I don’t want to.

So, that’s my news for the week. Join me back here next Friday for “Brats! Are they subs or what?”

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