New Book! Her Wicked Rhode Island Dom Is Live!

Hello readers! Surprise!

I know this is sudden. I just got the final cover, blurb, and the pre-order link just a couple of days ago, and since I usually post on Fridays, when the book was releasing, I figured I might as well wait until it was live and announce it.

This year has been moving really slowly, and I feel like it’s been ages since I had something new to share. I pretty much finished this one at the end of April, but traditionally published books tend to move a little slower through production, even in the romance genre. It’s going to be worth the wait though.

Her Wicked Rhode Island Dom is book sixteen in the Stateside Dom series. This series features stand-alone books by different authors and assorted dynamic styles. There is no crossover between books, so you can read just the ones you like without worrying about missing anything.

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Action Daddy Sale!

There’s a fun scheduled post coming out tomorrow, but I just wanted to pop in and make a quick announcement. I put the first Action Daddy book: Lights, Camera, Daddy! on sale this week for .99cents.

This is a Kindle Countdown sale, and because Amazon is weird, that means it’s only valid in the US and UK, but if you’ve been wanting to pick up a copy, now is your chance!

Click to find on Amazon

.99cents this week only!

✔️ Hot Silver Fox Daddy

✔️ Age Gap Romance

✔️ DDlg dynamic

✔️ Spanking and lots of other kinky fun

💯 Steam!

Mitch James – Cowboy. Spy. And… Daddy Dom?

Hollywood hasn’t written a role Mitch James can’t play. But when he finds cute, quirky Olivia feeding the crew on the set of his latest movie, he sets out to snag his most important role yet. Olivia’s Daddy.

But she has walls so high even Hollywood’s best stuntmen can’t scale them and if he wants to claim her, he’s going to have to pull out all the stops to prove that she can trust him with her Little side.

This is an Age-gap romance with a DDlg dynamic that includes consensual spanking and steamy graphic scenes.

The Spring Dirty Daddies Anthology is Live! Come Party with Us!

Exciting news! The Dirty Daddies Spring Anthology is live! Woohoo! If you haven’t gotten your copy I would grab this bestseller now.

And to celebrate the release we have a round of parties planned this week on Facebook. Facebook is pretty much the best place to hang out with authors if you like to get to know them. And group parties are fairly common there. So, if you’re on FB you can join these groups and hang out with us.

So, here’s the schedule for those who want to participate:

March 28th Dirty Daddies Party Room 4pm-10pm eastern

March 29th Scorching Hot Romance Room 4pm-9pm eastern

March 31st All the Naughty Books 1pm-5pm eastern

April 1st Black Light Central 6pm-10pm eastern

There will be plenty of prizes, games, and giveaways, plus freebies and other fun at each event. And all of these groups are a lot of fun to be part of in general, if you’re into kinky romance, and don’t forget most authors leave their stuff going for 24-48 hours so if you can’t make it during party time you can still pop over and join the fun after!

Surprise Sale!

I’m normally more on top of things so I can post on Fridays, but I’ve been sick all month! First I was down with the flu, and now I have covid. Sigh.

But before I crawl back into bed, I wanted to let you know that I’ve got a sale going on this week.

Claiming His Brat now only 99 pennies
One week only (March 16th-23rd)

A rekindled romance. A second chance at love. The Dominant she needs.

When family tragedy brings Charlie back home to the ranch, she ends up face to face with the man she walked out on years before. Sam is just as hot and bossy as ever, but Charlie knows she made the right choice all those years ago and she’s determined to stay away.

But when her father’s will throws the two of them together, it quickly becomes clear that their explosive chemistry can’t be ignored.

Now he’s in charge whether she likes it or not, and it’s bringing back all those memories of what they had before. But if things are going to work it has to be different this time. She knows what she needs. She needs him to be her Daddy. The only question is… can he handle her?

Steamy scenes and kink.

Book one of Daddy Takes the Reins.
Series link:

*This is a kindle countdown sale, so it only applies to the US and UK
(Also in #KU and in paperback)

Updated Files

I thought I’d break up the serious topics with an update since I haven’t posted one so far this year. I am trying to make an effort to post more frequently. Readers have said they prefer blogs who post at least once a week.

The problem, of course, is that I’m a full-time writer of books, which have to take priority because that’s how I pay the bills. So, I’m making an effort to post more in general, but weekly probably won’t continue for too long.

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