Happy Black Friday!

I busted my butt this week to get some goodies ready for you.

The Krampus Collective Box set is now live, in KU, AND in paperback. So, for you readers who have been asking for the first three books in paperback… this is for you. Tell me that cover isn’t delicious.

Each story is unique. Every book stands alone.

Daddy Krampus

She’s a thief in desperate need of a strict hand. He’s the embodiment of punishment looking for a mate. They have a year to find what they need … in each other.

Krampus Sir

He’s the spirit of punishment personified and he’s looking for his mate. She’s a shallow brat with dreams of influencer fame. Can they learn to love each other in just one year?

Krampus Doms

They aren’t just a pair of hot, dominant men – They are the immortal embodiment of punishment packed into two sexy bodies. When they claim her as their mate, she’ll learn the price of her mistakes one painful punishment at a time.

Lord Krampus Book Four of the Krampus Collective is now live and in KU!

Lord Krampus has never been anyone’s herountil now.

The moment he sees her, he knows Beatrice is the one.

Her innocence should repel him. Instead, it draws him in. But just because he rescued her, doesn’t mean he’s allowed to keep her. She’s just not bad enough, not naughty enough to feed his hungers.

After a stolen week of dark pleasures, he’s forced to return her, leaving Tris with a choice: spend the year moving on with her mortal life or becoming the naughty girl her Krampus needs.


I’m planning a sale.

I will probably put the first three books on sale in early December. That way the people who have one or two of them can just pick up the singles they need to complete, instead of doing the box set. (Unless you want the box set anyway because that cover is FIRE.)

The first three books will not be available in paperback separately, so if you want the paperback, you’ll need to get the box set for that.

I think that’s all the exciting news for now. I’ll check back in soon and I hope to get at least one serious article up in December.

New Krampus Book Coming!

As usual when I hit crunch time on a book, I tend to get quieter everywhere else. It’s hard, when you’re pouring all of that time and focus into a project, to pull out long enough to handle other things.

But I ducked out of my cave for long enough to remember that I hadn’t yet shared anything about this book with you! So here I am with a pretty cover to show you, and a teaser.

The Krampus Collective books were meant to be shorter reads. I planned to do two per Christmas season specifically because they were going to be much shorter than my usual books– whoops.

The reality is… that hasn’t happened. While the first one was the length I had planned, since then the books have gotten longer and longer. The current book, Lord Krampus, will be the longest one so far.

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Scorpio is Live!

I’m really excited about this book, for a lot of reasons. First is that I’m a Scorpio who, in a lot of ways, doesn’t feel like a very good Scorpio. But also, because I get to work with an amazing group of authors to pull this world together.

This is probably one of my best books so far. The plot is deep and detailed. The kink is… yum. And the relationship is full of fire.

And because I got a bookbub new release deal on it I’ve marked it down to 2.99, but only through the 18th so grab it fast.


A stand-alone, multi-author paranormal romance series in a shared world.

Book one: Libra is live now and in #KU

Book two: Scorpio now live and in #KU

The rest are all up for pre-order.

Series Link:

Scorpio: Masters of the Zodiac  

Dominant. Damaged. Intense.

Cole has become the epitome of a Scorpio without ever meaning to. Years of fighting fate and avoiding his path have somehow landed him exactly where he was always supposed to be.

Damn it.

But when he finds himself in the audience of a seedy underground auction, his successful, detached life comes to a screeching halt. The last person he expects to see up for sale is the woman who shattered his heart ten years ago.

Now that he owns her contract, he’ll finally be able to get the answers he needs to move on—and maybe extract a little revenge from her beautiful, lithe body too. But the answers don’t come easy, and Natalie’s return rips his past wide open to expose a deep well of secrets. His destiny had only been delayed, but now it’s back on track and everything is about to change. Steamy scenes, hot spanking and other kinks.

For a teaser keep scrolling…

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The plan was to have a nice soak in the tub. Her apartment had only had a shower stall and it had been a long time since she’d gotten to have a good soak. The jets eased every bit of tension from her muscles and in a very short time she fell asleep.

It could have been the jets shutting off, or the cooling water that woke her, but it wasn’t.

“Why are you in my tub?”

Natalie jerked, splashing water across the floor as she sat up in a hurry. “Your note said you would be gone all day,” she blurted.

“I forgot a file and had to stop hope to grab it.”


“You know you’re not a guest here, right? You’re technically an employee and instead of doing your chores you’re lounging in my tub. What am I supposed to do about that?’

Cole leaned in the doorway; arms crossed across his chest. There was a slight smirk curving his lips up at one side. His eyes were narrowed and there was a coldness in them. Despite that she didn’t think he was actually angry.

“Punish me?” she suggested. Her insides flipped when she realized what she’d just said. Her ass was still sore and here she was asking for more punishment.

She had clearly lost her mind. “I mean… I’m just kidding.”

“Sure you are, bunny.” He laughed and reached for a towel on the counter.

She frowned. “Why do you keep calling me bunny?”

“I told you last night. You act like prey. I warned you that I wasn’t the man you knew. I’m a hell of a lot meaner now, but you insist on trying to entice me. Teasing me and laying yourself out like a buffet.”

She frowned and sat up fast, sending a small wave of water over the side of the tub. “I’m not prey. I’m not a weak animal waiting to be gobbled up.”

“Well, I believe that last part anyway. You’re Australian—nothing there is weak. I imagine even the bunnies will try to kill you. But you are prey. My prey. I paid for you and I’m keeping you.” He tossed the towel to her, and she wrapped it around herself as she stood up.

She wanted to snap at him. There were angry words filling her head, but the truth was… he was right. She was completely at his mercy, and she kept playing this like it was the romance she wanted it to be. Until he turned that cold look on her and set her trembling as the dread set in.

He held out a hand to her, and she took it after a brief hesitation. Despite the sudden flash of worry about what he was going to do, he only helped her out of the tub. As soon as she was standing on the bathmat, he let go.

“As much as I would love to spend the day teaching you your place… I have plans and you have work to get done. Don’t worry though. We’ll catch up tonight.” He smirked as his hand went up to grab a wet handful of hair.

The teasing tug was just hard enough to make her wince. “I can’t wait…” She tried to sound droll, as if she wasn’t in the least bit worried. His expression said she’d missed that mark. And truthfully, she was kind of excited to see what he came up with next.

“If I were you, I’d keep yourself busy today. I can already see you’re going to need a short leash, maybe daily punishments. We’ll see.”

Just the threat was enough to make her heart speed up. The sarcastic remarks she wanted to make died in her mouth and never got past her lips, which was probably a good thing.

If you like Paranormal romance, Urban Fantasy, and lots of steam and kink then you’ll love this book.

And for those of you who hang out on Facebook. Come join us in Sexy Spanking Reads on October 19th, 2022 for a release party from 5-9:30pm. There will be all kinds of prizes and giveaways, sneak peaks, and a chance to hang out with some of the Zodiac authors.

Book News and Updates!

Hello everyone! I usually prefer to wait until Fridays for new posts but there are too many exciting things going on right now! Lots of news and updates for you.

The first book of the Masters of the Zodiac series, Libra, is now live, and it is in KU for those who have been waiting. It’s not my book. The author is Stella Moore, but I’ve read it and it’s fantastic. It also crosses over with my book, Scorpio, a lot.

You find the whole series here: Masters of the Zodiac

Click for the series page. All books are up for pre-order now.

Today (September 20th, 2022) we’ll be having a release party for it in the Dirty Daddies Party Room on Facebook. So, for those of you who like to mingle with the authors and hang out, maybe even win some prizes, you can find us there from 7pm-10pm (Eastern).

And my last news of the day!
The moderators of Sexy Spanking Reads, also on Facebook, have put together a fantastic new holiday anthology. I’m really excited about this because we’ve been wanting to do one for a couple of years.

The free summer cruise anthology that we used as a newsletter builder was a trial run for this exciting event, which we have been working towards all year.

So… presenting

Ten people. Five sexy stories. One unexpected snowstorm.

Welcome to Red Hills Resort, where fine lines don’t exist, and guests indulge in every delight the lifestyle has to offer. Ready for the sexiest getaway of your life? Then come on in.

The new owners of Red Hills Resort have spent a fortune to completely renovate the old ski chalet into a world class lifestyle resort. Ten lucky people have won a contest to participate in the special grand opening events. The invitations have been sent and accepted. The resort is decorated and filled with holiday cheer. Get to know our guests as they find love and explore who they are and what they need.

Featuring stories from: Libby Campbell, Poppy Flynn, Delta James, Chloe Kent, Kessily Lewel!

Click to Pre-order your copy now!

So, there you go, all the recent news in the author world. I am planning a few more exciting things in the next couple of months like a Krampus box set, I hope, and of course the new additions to that series. I’m really hoping to get two Krampus books in this year.

They are a little shorter and that helps but finding time for more than one has been hard. this year might be easier and I’m already excited about the ones I have planned. And then, since next year is already overbooked… I might just dive in and get started on those projects.

Now, if you’re here mostly for the real-life kink talk instead of the fiction, then this is what’s coming up next:
October 7th: Can I Still Be Part of the Scene If I Have a Lot of Triggers and Limits?

I’ve covered this topic a bit before, and not too longer ago, but a recent question had me pulling it back up again for another look. See you soon!

New Series Reveal!

I’ve been sitting on the news about this series for over a year! So, I’m very excited to finally get to talk about it. This is a huge twelve book, multi-author paranormal romance series.

All the books will stand alone, and you can skip any that don’t appeal to you and still fully enjoy the others. It is a shared world though, and there will be crossovers and characters may pop up in multiple books.

As you can tell from the graphic, this is a Zodiac series, with each author covering a different sign. I chose Scorpio because that’s my birth sign. It’s the second to be released and will be out in October.

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