Search engine and archive added!

Just wanted to drop a really quick update because I messed around with the website and have finally been able to add a monthly archive and an internal search engine to make it easier for you to find my articles.  You should be seeing it over on the side now.

I know a few people asked about this in the past, and I’m sorry! I was told by WP tech that I couldn’t have them because my plan doesn’t allow plug-ins.

But I saw tonight that they have widgets for it. Not sure if they are new or if I just got the wrong info before but I’m excited to let you know searching is now an option! Yay!! And that’s it! I did say it would be quick! Anyway I’ll see you back here on Friday for an article about some common BDSM terms and the history behind them.

Have a great week!

Science Fiction Alien Romance Selections for August

Surrendering to Her General was chosen to be part of a StoryOrigin promotion. It’s basically a curated selection of books all with a similar theme. Stolen and Seduced is also in the selection too, so I thought you might want to check it out.

Do you like hot alien romance novels? Well, check this out, because we’ve gathered some of the lustiest, sexiest aliens you could ever hope to be abducted by and now present them to you here in this curated selection for your reading pleasure:

Science Fiction Alien Romance selections for August!

This promotion will only last until August 31st so grab your favorites while they are all in one place! Oh, and you might want to save the link and check back because more books may be added as the month continues.

Just that quick update for today. Come back on Friday for an interesting piece on the origins of BDSM and some of the terms we use!

When Should You Negotiate Before a Scene?

This is an important topic and one that I don’t see discussed enough. Many misunderstandings that happen in a scene come from people looking at things in different ways and not realizing it. What’s normal and obvious for one person, might not be that plain for someone else. When you think you’re on the same page and you aren’t… that’s when things can go wrong.

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Just a quick update and an event!

Whew, this has been a busy week! I usually wait until Friday for updates here but something came up that is more immediate so you’re getting an early week post.

So here’s all the news:

My new Sadec story for the alien anthology is finished and I’m just doing final edits now. I do plan to expand this into at least a novella probably with some changes though. And those of you who have read the other books in the series might recognize the characters here, though it’s a prequel. Here’s a hint though…While Sadec warrior names do change with rank. The first syllable usually stays the same. Continue reading “Just a quick update and an event!”