New Book! Her Wicked Rhode Island Dom Is Live!

Hello readers! Surprise!

I know this is sudden. I just got the final cover, blurb, and the pre-order link just a couple of days ago, and since I usually post on Fridays, when the book was releasing, I figured I might as well wait until it was live and announce it.

This year has been moving really slowly, and I feel like it’s been ages since I had something new to share. I pretty much finished this one at the end of April, but traditionally published books tend to move a little slower through production, even in the romance genre. It’s going to be worth the wait though.

Her Wicked Rhode Island Dom is book sixteen in the Stateside Dom series. This series features stand-alone books by different authors and assorted dynamic styles. There is no crossover between books, so you can read just the ones you like without worrying about missing anything.

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Ethical Bratting 101

Ethical bratting is one of those phrases I’ve been using for so long, that I’m not sure if I made it up or just heard it somewhere. When I was new to the scene, I was a brat, like many new submissives.

And don’t get me wrong, I can still be bratty with certain people. We all have bratty moments, I think. But I no longer identify as a brat and haven’t for a very long time.

It’s the easiest transition to submitting because in a lot of ways it replicates what we experience in childhood. Someone in authority gives us rules. We break them. We get punished — rinse and repeat.

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Topping From The Bottom – Part Two

So last week we discussed topping from the bottom. I described what it was, and why it’s often not such horrible thing. But what we didn’t discuss is how to tell the difference between communication and topping from the bottom.

As I’ve said, sometimes Doms confuse asking for things with topping from the bottom. Those are two very different things. There is nothing wrong with asking for what you want. Communication is the sign of a healthy relationship.


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Topping From The Bottom – Part One

Let’s talk about topping from the bottom. If you search the topic online, you’ll pull up tons of articles saying why it’s B-A-D.

This accusation has been leveled at subs, of all types, for decades, but what does it actually mean? Are you doing it without being aware? Is it really a huge problem?

This is a big topic with a lot of facets to discuss so I’ll be breaking it up into two sections.

What is Topping from the bottom?

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Growing Up Kinky: Fiction That Shaped Me

These days if you want to read about non-fiction kink or learn about BDSM there are a million websites to look at. There are tons of real resources and blogs from people who know what they’re talking about.

And if websites aren’t enough and you want books, every kind of kink can easily be found by searching on Amazon. For those who prefer to hold a book in their hands before they buy it, most chain bookstores, like B&N, have plenty on the shelves you can flip through.

In other words the information is all over the place.

But it didn’t used to be like that. When I was in high school, Amazon didn’t exist yet, and the local bookstores, even the chains, had very little on kink. You might find half a shelf in the sexuality section if you were lucky.

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