Cyber Pulse is Live!

You might remember that I am participating in an LGBTQ anthology under Sadie Marks, and I wanted to write Dez’s story of how he ended up with the Sadecs. Well it’s now live and you can get it here: Cyber Pulse

The anthology has lots of authors, a variety of steam levels, and different pairings so hopefully something to suit everyone. So why not slip it into your Pride Month reads?

My story is a novella, M/M, steamy, and of course has plenty of kink and BDSM. Here’s a little snippet of a scene just to tease you.

Close Encounters
By Sadie Marks

Thom shivered but didn’t protest as the man crouched behind him and settled the thick cloth over his eyes. The nanotextiles molded and tightened against his face until everything was black and not a sliver of light got through. He knew from experience that it would shift as needed to keep his vision blocked and his breath rushed out in a low shuddering moan.

Suddenly every sound seemed louder; every touch, as Wik ran his fingers down the bare skin of his back, seemed more intense. He trembled, not from fear, but from anticipation and when Wik tugged his head up he gasped.

“That’s a little better. Now, let’s see if we can keep you thinking about the present and not the past,” the Dominant said, in a low voice just against his ear. And then he was being hauled to his feet. He staggered, arms automatically reaching out in front of him for something to grab, but there was nothing.

Wik’s arm snaked around to hold him in place. “Relax, I won’t let you fall, boy. Put your hands behind your back and trust me.”

It was one of the hardest things he’d ever done, and it took real effort to slowly move his arms behind him. But he’d always been better at trusting people with his body than he was with his heart. He was used to playing with people he didn’t know. Well, at least he had been, and once he was able to slip into a submissive mindset it got easier. He still jumped when he felt bands encircling his wrists and tightening until they were locked at the small of his back.

There was a panicky flutter in his chest, a need to flee, but that was normal. He both loved and hated the feeling of being restrained, and when combined with the blindfold it was nearly overwhelming. His pulse seemed to rattle in his ears.

Somehow Wik knew and chuckled, a low sexy rumbled. “Poor little bird. Do you feel like prey?” he asked. When Thom didn’t respond, Wik’s grip tightened. “Do you?”

Thom wet his lips and then he sighed. “Yes Sir.”

“Do you like it?”

There was a pause as Thom debated lying; in the end he admitted the truth. “Yes Sir.” “Good, I want you to feel helpless. I want you to feel. Can you do that for me?”

Thom hadn’t let himself do that in a while. He had a habit of stuffing his emotions down and a good scene could clear them all out.  When he’d stopped playing, he’d stopped feeling and somehow Wik just knew it. He wanted that explosion of emotions, wanted to feel all the hurt, the anger, and the confusion pouring out of him.

He wanted to say Please yes, I need that so bad. What he allowed himself to say was, “Yes Sir.”

Doesn’t that make you want to snatch up a copy?

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