How to make a nearly silent kinky toy for a couple bucks! DYI-Kink!

Some of you may know what a Loopy Johnny is because it’s rather famous in the kink community. It’s a brilliant implement, both severe and almost silent which means those of you who have to be wary of making too much noise will love this. It also leaves some really beautiful loop shaped marks. I totally advocate picking up the real thing if you’ve got the bucks. They are beautiful, durable, very easy to stick in your pocket to carry anywhere and I’ve had mine for years without any problems.

You can find it here:
and no, despite my glowing review I’m not getting any kickbacks. I just really like this store and this toy. Directly below you’ll see a real loopy. It’s the sleeker one on the bottom made of rubber. The thicker blue one above it in the same picture is very similar in design but instead of rubber the loops are made of a stretchy bungie type cord. It’s also effective though slightly less severe, but I bought it years ago in a store so I’m not sure where you could get one.

It does give you some other ideas to play with though. Bungie cord is also cheap and fun to make DIY toys with. In fact I believe I’ve made some nice stingy floggers by pulling off the cloth outside of a bungie cord. Inside are usually tons of thin rubber strings and you can gather up several cords to make one flogger.

Now for those of you who are short on money and don’t mind a little DIY you can make your own version of a loop-type toy at home for a couple of bucks, and I’m happy to show you how. It won’t be as pretty and it won’t be nearly as durable but it will do the job and for the price of the supplies you can usually make at least two of them, sometimes three.

So what you’re going to need to do is go to the hardware store. Walmart might work also depending on how big yours is. You want to head to the screen section and you’re going to be looking for a package of window spline. Now, not that it matters, but this is what people use to fix broken screens, or make their own screens sometimes. It’s basically just a long piece of rubber cord that you use to hold the screen in by jamming it into the hollow inside the frame. But this simple household product can also produce a really nice kinky toy.

You’re going to open the package and you’re going to make three loops. In the end you will want them to be about a foot long. You can absolutely experiment with this though. I know people who have made much shorter or longer versions depending on where they intend to use them on the body. Small ones are great for breasts, for instance. If you want it to be similar to the original though you are aiming for about 11.5 inches for the final loop size.

But first when you make three loops of the same size with the spline  you are going to make them a little longer than that so you have some handle. I’d go for about 14 inches which will leave you about 2 inches to hold in your hand,  but I have small hands so feel free to make your handle longer for comfort.

Now you need to decide what you want to do for a handle. Some people use electrical tape and just wrap it around the end to hold it all in and don’t do anything else. That looks fine and will be pretty sturdy, but I like a handle with a bit more substance so even if you’re going to do tape in the end I’d wait until we get through the next part.

Now the problem with tape is you end up with stickiness if you decide to take it apart and redo it later. Since I may need to remake these I’m not going to use tape. So, I literally just use more of the spline, wrap it around about 2-3 inches near the end of the loops to make a good solid handle. Stop before you get to the end and leave some loop exposed there for hanging the toy. At this point, before you cut it the spline, you want to test it and see if it’s the length you want. Remember the old measure twice cut once saying? Yeah, that!

So now you have wound some small tight loops around to form the handle, and you’ve got some leftover spline sticking off. That is going to be tucked DOWN inside from the TOP of the handle–where they connect to the big spanking loops. Just feed it in the top and pull it out the bottom, being careful to hold onto it so the handle doesn’t unravel.

Now you can pull what’s left out to the side and tie a knot with the other end, which you haven’t cut yet. This is just so you have the basic tool and you can swing it around and practice it without worrying about it falling apart. It’s going to look like this if you’ve done a 2inch-ish handle like I have:

You might be able to see I still haven’t cut yet. I’ve just tied the knot and left a long tail hanging to the floor while I test it. If you’re going to leave it like this then that’s perfectly fine too. Once you’re sure you have it how you want it just cut the excess spline and you’re done. You can always make it smaller later but you can’t make it bigger once you cut.

There are slightly harder ways to do this that give you a better toy and I encourage you to play around with it until you’re happy with how it looks and feels in your hand. You can add more loops if you don’t like just three and have enough spline. I even know some people who dip the handle end into liquid latex for a nice professional look. If you do the handle the way I did you should end up with small loops at the end for hanging it like I’ve done. Those make it sturdier too.

If you wind for the handle you’ll be using more spline per toy so you may want to factor that in if you’re trying to make multiples from one package. It’s honestly not hard once you have the spline in your hand and I’m sure you could figure it out without the pictures but I know some people do better with visuals and the measurements help also.

So once you have it how you want it you can cut off the excess spline. If you are leaving the knot to hold it together then just leave about a half inch from the knot when you cut it so it doesn’t come undone. Now if you want to wrap electrical tape I recommend doing it over the handle you just made because it ends up looking nicer and feeling like a more solid handle. So just start at the far end from the knot as you wrap the tape, and then unknot it and trim the excess as you reach it with the tape because you don’t want the lump of the knot underneath.

Now this is just to give you an idea of length in case you don’t have a measuring tape handy. The size I went for, which is the same as the real deal, is just about the exact length of a full computer keyboard as shown here when it’s stretched out. (Please ignore my keyboard animal friends. They live there to keep me company while I write.)

I made this in about 10 minutes, and it only took that long because I kept stopping to take pictures.  The material cost 5$ and I have enough left to make another full size one, and then maybe a small one about a third of the size.

The toy is about as silent as a switch if not more so, and really can’t be heard through closed doors clearly. At most it’s going to sound like a very soft fan.  But it does sting a lot so the sub/bottom may not be nearly as quiet!

I hope this was clear and understandable. It can sometimes be really hard to explain something like this and have it make sense. If you have any questions I’ll try to answer them!

Updates: Sorry things have been slow, but there’s news!

Just sending out this real quick update because I know things have been quiet so far this month. The good news is the DIY Loopy toy post will be going out on Friday of this week, I promise! I know a few of your were waiting for it especially and I did mean to have it done before December which is my hectic month.

For those of you who have been following me for a while you know that December is very busy for me. I do way too much including baking/making around 800 cookies/candies. I also do holiday cards with individual hand drawn pictures in each.

Those take me about an hour each and has led to some severe lectures from L and G about me putting too much on myself. As a result my card list is capped at around 60 and I’m not allowed to add anyone else without dropping people. So there’s constant guilt for all the lovely people I would love to send cards too–but realistically I just can’t do it. So I do try to pick one or two of the card designs to turn  into an online card to share with everyone and that makes me feel a little better.

This year I’ve been doing a flashback with #30DaysOfHolidayDoodles and each day I’ve posted one of my favorites from cards from previous years that I kept pictures of. Only as far back as 2014 since I didn’t think of it before then. Anyway if you are interested you can find me on Instagramtwitter or facebook and take a peek just look on my page or look up the hashtag you should find them.

We also had a very successful party in our facebook group this week celebrating the holidays and our reaching 500 memebers! Actually Sexy Spanking Authors and Readers passed 500 members so fast we’re already almost at 550! Considering we only opened the group a few months ago that’s great. And the party was very well attended with sixteen authors giving out prizes, gift cards, and free books.

However the bad news is… just a few days before the party I injured myself badly with a pinched sciatic nerve AND apparently also a pulled muscle or tendon. That meant I spent most of the week in bed crying and trying not to move. I can say, as a masochist, that this was absolutely no fun at all and I would have safeworded out on the first day if I could have.

I was able to get out of bed for a half hour at a time so I got my party posts up luckily, but I wasn’t really able to participate much. And I’m now way behind in literally everything. My holiday activities have really been hit by the loss of time, and on top of that I haven’t even been able to look at the first round of edits back on my latest finished book so I may not be able to submit it until after Christmas now. (Boo hiss!)

I went to urgent care and ended up with a shot in my back which has me feeling better. It’s supposed to last 3-5 days and after that we’ll see. I might be fine or I might be right back in pain. So once the shot kicked in and the pain dropped significantly I dived into work today to get things done. I’ll be trying to do as much as I can in the next couple of days, without overdoing it, just in case the pain returns.

L and G aren’t happy about this and are watching me to make sure I don’t try to do too much, but they do understand my urgency (sort of) in wanting to get things done since this is a really busy time of year, so we’ll see how much they’ll let me get away with. We’re fifteen days into the month without me getting in trouble for anything and arguing with them about anything that risks my health never goes well somehow so I’d like to avoid that.

But keep your fingers crossed for me because I really want this book submitted this year. I feel like I’ve been lazy because I only put one book out even though I did write three!

Anyway I hope everyone else’s month is going better than mine and I hope friday’s how-to post is helpful. I did want to do another holiday story this year but it just doesn’t look like I’ll have time. Though I vaguely remember last year’s story was a few days late too, so maybe I can still work it out! In case you haven’t read the last one though you can find it here:

Santa’s Gift and the second part of it should be tagged at the bottom in related posts.

See you Friday!

Taken by a Renegade is finished!

I’m so excited to finally have it completed and right on schedule. I still wish I’d started it sooner, but it feels great to be able to type ‘The End.’ on my 8th books. I really think people are going to enjoy it and as far as steam it’s got some scenes that are just smokin’!

Of course now I have to dive back in for edits, tightening, and prepping it to submit but I’m hoping to breeze through that and submit it before the end of the month. Maybe, if we’re lucky, we can look at a February release. Woohoo!

Taken by the Renegade teaser and some updates.

I know updates have been slow lately, sorry about that! I have a number of blog posts I’m working on. The next post will probably be the one on how to make your own silent loop-spanking toy, aka a DIY version of the infamous Loopy Johnny. I’ve already started it and bought supplies so I could take some pictures. I just need to pull it together.

But my focus has primarily been on finishing the sequel to Surrendering to Her General.  After almost 6 months since it’s release it’s still doing well on Amazon, and is my best selling book so far by quite a lot, so that’s put a bit of pressure on me. Since I slipped in another book before starting the sequel I am months past where I wanted to be and when I wanted to release it. Whoops.

In this genre there is a need to get the sequels out promptly or they don’t sell as well, hence my determination to finish this one by the end of the month. And I’m almost there! A few thousand words from the end and I just need to pull it all together and wrap things up!

So I thought I’d offer you a little teaser from the current writing. This book in some ways is going to be darker than the first, but I think people will really like it. Before I show you the teaser though, I do want to say that like all my books this one doesn’t easily fit into a sub-genre. There are elements of reverse harem in it, but it’s not in that genre.

If you only like monogamous relationships than this whole series is probably not your cup of tea. There will be love, there will be romance and happy ever afters with the right alien, but remember, the Sadecs share what they treasure most. It’s part of their culture, and for them that includes their human pets/slaves.

Often it’s a one-on-one situation, outside of public punishment, but in this book Silla ends up with Master(s) plural in a very rare situation for a little while. This is unedited obviously since I just wrote it yesterday–but I think it’s hot. what do you think?

*     *    *

Both of them focused solely on her, working as a team to bring her the most delightful mix of pain and pleasure from the very first night. It had been a night she’d never forget. Blindfolded, tied firmly to the bed with one on each side of her. “Mine,” Era’d whispered, with Nikon echoing the word in her other ear just a second later.

Sadec claws were drawn down the center of her chest all the way to the vee between her legs. While from the other side another set worked their way up from her ankles, the sharp points scratching delightfully along her inner thighs until she was panting, and her hips were rising off the bed in a clear invitation.

They laughed and traded off, now the claws were coming down on the left, and up on the right side of her body. This time they pressed into her harder, and she could feel the red lines trailing the claws across her bare flesh with some slight sting, but nothing unpleasant, nothing that would break the skin.

It did things to her body; wonderful things. Inside there was a delicious fluttery feeling that reminded her of going down a hill at top speed.

The darkness added an exciting element of anxiousness to things, but she just found being tied down frustrating. They seemed to be exploring every inch of her and she wanted to explore them as well. She wanted to touch them back, wanted to drag her tongue over that beautiful skin but all she could do was writhe while they played with their new toy.

It was a subtle kind of pain and never quite enough to quench her thirst or make her climax. It left her breathless and needy instead, but when she demanded more a hand lightly settled over her mouth. “Quiet, slave or we’ll have to punish you.” It was Nikon who said it, she thought, but with the blindfold on she couldn’t be sure.

She didn’t know what the punishment would consist of, but she’d learned that no matter how much of a masochist she was, they would always find ways when they wanted to make a point. Her days of saying, “Go ahead!” with a laugh were in the past now. Or at least it was something she only did on purpose when she really wanted to push, and she wasn’t ready to do that with her new Masters quite yet.

She made an effort to behave, and luckily they didn’t hold the moaning against her because she couldn’t have silenced those if she wanted to. By the time they untied her and rolled her over onto her stomach she was a shaking mess. Every inch of her skin prickled and itched from scratching, biting, and the occasional spank and the demanding pulse in her core had finally sent her over the edge at least twice.

*   *   *

So what do you think? Worth keeping?

Oh! Before I forget! Mark Thursday December 12th on your calendar. I’ll give you more information later, but our Facebook author group will be having a huge event. We’ll be celebrating the December holidays as well as (hopefully!) reaching our 500 member mark. There will be tons of prizes, gift cards, free books, and a whole list of awesome BDSM and spanking authors have signed up to entertain you!

If you haven’t already joined us, you should. We have a lot of fun in there and as you can tell by the name we’re pretty focused on the whole spanking thing.
Sexy Spanking Authors and Readers

Happy American Thanksgiving to those who celebrate it, and safe travels on Black Friday. It’s going to be brutal out there!

Love and spanks!
Kessily (And Sadie)

A teaser and a few announcements

To start off, since it’s my birthday today I thought I’d gift you all with a little teaser from the second Sadec book. First of all, we have a name finally! Taken by the Renegade (tentative but I like it!) It’s flowing nicely and we are maybe 3/4ths of the way done at this point. I’m really happy with how it’s coming along. I desperately want to have it finished by the end of the month, and we’re on track so far–despite my post-con sickness.

Some people might find it a little bit darker than the first and it is in some ways, but it fits the character. She’s not a novice at BDSM. She knows exactly what she wants and she’ll push until she gets it–and sometimes she ends up getting more than she expected.

We briefly met this woman in the first book and then later she was referenced towards the end, but we never really got to know her. I found her intriguing as soon as she popped up and I knew I was going to want to write more about her. Her story should do fairly well as a stand-alone but I recommend reading the first book anyway for a fuller picture of this universe: Surrendering to Her General 

Eventually it became clear she needed her own story because she is very different from Kenzi, almost opposites in some ways but somehow they still end up in the same place. Silla, called Samantha on Earth, doesn’t consider herself a submissive. She’s a pain slut and a masochist first and foremost and has always avoided any Dominant trying to give her orders–until she meets the strange new Dom in town and falls hard for him.

There’s no slow build with this book since we start off in a BDSM club. Lots of action, lots of emotion. Sam finds herself leaning towards submission for the first time in her life, but of course a lot of things happen after that to cause her to end up on the General’s ship. That’s all I’m saying for now, but I think people will be happy with it.

In other news!
Our group on facebook is planning a fabulous author party for December. Prizes, giveaways, your favorite kinky authors hanging out to entertain you. It should be a blast. We’re hoping to hit our 500 member goal before then so it can be a double celebration.

You can join here and I look forward to seeing you!
Sexy Spanking Authors and Readers

Save the date: December 12th. The event will be going on all day 11am-7pm (EST) but some authors will leave their games and contests open for 24-48 hours so even if you can’t make it during the party there should be lots you can do afterwards.

And the last thing on my agenda is that I received a really amazing email from one of the readers of this blog. I don’t want to out someone who emailed me privately, but I think we’re safe to go with “B from the Netherlands”.  Anyway she had a lot of wonderful things to say about my Dealing with Sub Drop post and how it had really helped her relationship. She went on in detail about how it made her feel and what it helped her to understand.

I was so touched. It really made my day because it’s fantastic to know that my posts are actually helpful to people and not just entertainment.  And I did try to reply to her, but it bounced. I tried a second time and it still bounced. So B from the Netherlands, if you’re out there I did reply, I promise!

I hope you see this, and I’m not sure what was wrong with your email, but I’m so glad my post helped the two of you. Feel free to try again if you can figure out what went wrong.