Older Subs with Younger Doms Part Three: What About LGBTQ Relationships?

If you missed the first two parts you can find them here:
Older Subs with Younger Doms Part One

Older Subs with Younger Doms Part Two

Last month I posted a two-part blog post about the older sub/younger Dom dynamic and I was promptly called out in comments for making it heterocentric. My examples focused on male Doms and female subs and most of the discussion did too.

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Forever His Brat is live!

If you follow my newsletter (You should! There’s a tab for it here on my website if you’re interested.) you’ve already seen the cover reveal for this book, and a couple of teaser scenes.

For those of you who pre-ordered your copies… you should have them now! For those who have been waiting for the book to show up in Kindle Unlimited (KU) it should be there for you to download.

You can find it here: Forever His Brat

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Older Subs with Younger Doms Part Two

Last week we talked about younger Doms and some of the questions older subs have when it comes to submitting to them. We discussed how there is a perception of what a Dom should be, that seems at odds with a younger person and how it’s mostly inaccurate.

Today we’re going to talk about why older subs feel uncomfortable about submitting to Doms who are younger than them. We’ll also talk about why we rarely see the older Sub/younger Dom dynamic represented in fiction.

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Dirty Daddies is Gone but Good News!

If you didn’t pick up your copy of Dirty Daddies 2021 Anthology then… well, you’re out of luck. It’s gone now. However, I do have some paperback copies to give away over the course of the year so keep your eyes open if you missed your chance.

But we’ve had some great news! Even though it’s gone, it has been nominated for several awards. One is the 2021 Swoon Awards (The Swoonies) and we’re a finalist in the anthology category.

The Swoon Awards (or The Swoonies ) is a reader-based and reader-hosted award celebrating the romance community’s favorite romance novels of the year. The award consists of 15 romance categories across different subgenres and age categories and there are three rounds.

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