Figging and Using Ginger in Your Play

I could have sworn I’d done an article on figging already, but I looked, and I couldn’t find it. I think I might possibly have done an abbreviated version in a larger post, rather than doing one on its own. So, I guess it’s time.

Figging is the act of inserting a piece of ginger into an orifice. Most commonly we hear about it being used in anal play. However, you can actually do it in the vagina and in the urethra as well.

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BDSM Ideas: An Illustrated Guide

I received an email from someone who runs this website that hosts this illustrated guide and they asked me to take a look at it and maybe share it with my readers. So I did. You can check it out here: BDSM Ideas: An Illustrated Guide or keep going to see my review of it. 

It’s hosted by School of Squirt and the main function of the website seems to be teaching people to have better orgasms. It’s adult oriented obviously, but in an educational way. I can’t really say much about whether their techniques work or not, but they also have illustrated sexual positions and other resources you might find interesting or entertaining.

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So… Isn’t It Time for You to Do Some Relationship Maintenance?

It came on me out of the blue that it was time for this in my own life, so I’m passing it on to you. This serves as a reminder that if you want your relationships to last they should be fluid and able to change as you and your partners do.

That means your rules and relationship expectations need to be discussed too. Depending on how in flux your lives are that can mean having these discussions fairly often, but even if everything is stable and you’re content it’s still a good idea to pull things apart now and then. So….

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