Older Subs with Younger Doms Part Two

Last week we talked about younger Doms and some of the questions older subs have when it comes to submitting to them. We discussed how there is a perception of what a Dom should be, that seems at odds with a younger person and how it’s mostly inaccurate.

Today we’re going to talk about why older subs feel uncomfortable about submitting to Doms who are younger than them. We’ll also talk about why we rarely see the older Sub/younger Dom dynamic represented in fiction.

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What Is Something Every New Submissive Exploring a Kinky Lifestyle Needs to Know?

Someone asked me this question a while back and I made a note of it (as I do) for the blog. When people ask me things it generally means other people are out there with the same questions. I figure that makes it good content to write about.

So, if there was just one thing I could tell a brand-new subby who is just starting to dip their toes in the kink pool, it would be this:

Don’t settle. Don’t rush. Don’t let loneliness, or need, push you into accepting the first Top/Dom who looks interested. Don’t let your inner bully tell you that you can’t do better and that if you don’t snatch them up you’ll never find someone.

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Feral Littles and Being a Little Without a Caretaker

I did promise some more articles on Littles and this one has been on my mind for a while.

A lot of people think they might be Littles, or have a Little side, but because they are single or don’t have a partner who would be interested in being a Caretaker, they feel like it’s not something they can explore on their own.

That’s just not true. You don’t have to have a Caretaker to be a Little. There are plenty of Littles out there who don’t have Bigs and are fine with it. I call them Feral Littles.

Feral Littles are Littles who love being in kid headspace, just for the sake of the freedom and innocent fun. They play and exist in that headspace on their own without needing a parental figure around all the time.

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Can I Have a Dom Outside of a Vanilla Relationship? Part Two

So last week I talked a little about my experience with the lifestyle and how I’ve always had Doms outside of my romantic relationships. I came at the question from the experience of someone who has no reason not to look outside my marriage when I want or need something, because I’m poly and have known it since I was a teenager.

But not everyone is in a relationship where things are more open. Some people go into a marriage or partnership planning to only have one person in their life, but when your needs don’t match that can be a problem.

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