Dealing With Punishment Issues–Part two of ‘Letting Punishments Go Can Be Unhelpful’

Letting punishments go can be bad for your D/s relationship, but sometimes you might need to work around issues that pop up. You might want to read part one first : Letting Punishments Go Can be Unhelpful 

So what if the Dom is trying to let something slide but the submissive keeps doing it? Or they come right out and say they feel bad about something they’ve done, but the Dom doesn’t want to punish for it? I often hear subs complaining about Doms not being consistent with the punishments. Making threats but not following through.

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Please ignore the accidental post I made earlier. I was setting up a two-part article and pressed the wrong button.  It’s deleted so the link won’t work anyway, but for those of you who caught it you got a surprise preview!

For everyone else this is what you have to look forward to:
Daily Rules and How They Work –Friday January 10th
Daily Rules and How They Work Part 2– Friday January 17th

I will be diving into the next Sadec sequel soon, but I’m trying to get ahead on blog posts while I wait to find out if Taken By The Renegade has been accepted. (Still no news yet!)