Just a quick update and an event!

Whew, this has been a busy week! I usually wait until Friday for updates here but something came up that is more immediate so you’re getting an early week post.

So here’s all the news:

My new Sadec story for the alien anthology is finished and I’m just doing final edits now. I do plan to expand this into at least a novella probably with some changes though. And those of you who have read the other books in the series might recognize the characters here, though it’s a prequel. Here’s a hint though…While Sadec warrior names do change with rank. The first syllable usually stays the same.

Look for a teaser sometime soon and it’s up for pre-order now so don’t forget to snatch up this limited time anthology before it’s gone:  Stolen and Seduced 

I’ve been working hard on another story which I may expand into a book someday, but for now I’ll probably end up posting here since it’s been a while and I did want to do a short story for you all before I dive deep into the next book. It’s in first person because it’s been ages since I did one of those and I want to get some practice in.

Then we have an event that popped up suddenly. It’s short notice I know but I was asked to fill a spot soooo….Tomorrow, June 30th at 7:45pm (Eastern time) I will be doing a takeover party event on FB and giving out a couple prizes. My slot is only 15 minutes but there will be a lot of other authors there and the whole party will go on for a few hours. And of course many of us leave our contests open for 24-48 hours so anyone who wants can show up and enter even if you miss the main event.

If there are authors on the list above that you’ve always wanted to hang out with, including me, author parties are always a great chance to do that. (Plus a chance at prizes!) So come on over to Author Stalkers Unite  and have some fun. You will need to join the group so you might want to set that up in advance so you don’t miss anything.

Since I’ve been busy with this anthology story I haven’t really gotten too deep into the  next book, but I do have another Sadec novel started which will bring the return of Kenzi and Tal. Lots of romance, lots of adventure, and a terrifying event that will test their relationship–and of course lots of sex and BDSM too.

So that’s it for now. Hope you are all avoiding the pandemic. Remember stay safe, stay healthy, and stay home as much as you can and in the meantime keep your eye on your inbox for a blog post on scene negotiation coming sometime next month.

Valentine Show & Tell contest!

Hello everyone! To celebrate Valentine’s Day this year my fellow authors and I have put together a contest with some lovely prizes. To participate you have to be a member of our FB group here: Sexy Spanking Authors and Readers 

Each author (there are 6 of us) will be making a special contest post between the 11th and the 13th of February. They’ll be marked so you won’t miss them.  All you have to do is participate and three winners will be chosen from among those who comment on all six posts with a picture of their own. It’s very simple, super easy, and we have some sweet prizes to give out.

We do a lot of fun stuff and giveaways in our group so if you’re not already a member you should consider coming to hang out with us. Plus, I don’t mean to brag but…some of the hottest authors in the BDSM/Spanking romance genre are in there waiting to meet you.


A teaser and a few announcements

To start off, since it’s my birthday today I thought I’d gift you all with a little teaser from the second Sadec book. First of all, we have a name finally! Taken by the Renegade (tentative but I like it!) It’s flowing nicely and we are maybe 3/4ths of the way done at this point. I’m really happy with how it’s coming along. I desperately want to have it finished by the end of the month, and we’re on track so far–despite my post-con sickness. Continue reading “A teaser and a few announcements”

Grand Opening Author Party October 17th

I know I mentioned that I’ve grouped up with four other authors in my genre to create a Facebook group. We’re now at just over two hundred members and have planned a big grand opening party in October. If you’re not a member yet you should come join us: Sexy Spanking Authors and Readers.

I’m really excited about it! Now, if you don’t know how these parties work, basically a bunch of authors show up and take turns showing you links to their work, playing games, doing cover reveals, excerpts, and doing giveaways in their half hour slots. There will be prizes given out probably every 15 minutes or so all day long.

What is given out varies by the author but there are often free copies of books, giftcards, and sometimes author swag so it’s well worth popping in for the event.  We have sixteen authors in the line-up and all of them write in the power-exchange/ BDSM genre. Some of the top names in our genre are participating so this is your chance to find some new reading material.

Now the details, just in case you can’t load the graphic:
Date: October 17th
Time: 11am-7pm EDT (East Coast, USA)

*Authors on board*

  • Mary Auclair
  • Linzi Basset
  • Felicity Brandon
  • Libby Campbell
  • Char Cauley
  • Sassa Daniels
  • Poppy Flynn
  • Delta James
  • Chloe Kent
  • Kessily Lewel/Sadie Marks
  • Sheri Lynn/Sheridan Knight
  • Nicolina Martin
  • Pepper North
  • Victoria Phelps
  • Amelia Smarts
  • Piper Stone