Fiction Is Not A How-To Manual

In full disclaimer I didn’t make this meme. Most of the things I post on this blog, are obviously things I’ve made or own, but this is just something I found floating around Facebook. I strongly agree with it, so I wanted to discuss it today.

The meme says “If your moral code is strong enough that you are able to consume media with themes of cannibalism critically, but know it is bad to do so in real life, then that same logic can be applied to other themes/nsfw depictions in fiction. Just say it isn’t your thing and go.”

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Story: A Week of Punishment (part one)

I’ve been promising you another story and ever since I did those two posts about ‘sexy versus discipline and how to do both’ I’ve been thinking about a story with the premise of using sex for punishment. I actually started this just after I wrote them but haven’t had time to finish until now. This will be in two-parts too.

I’m not going to lie, it happens to be one of my favorite fantasies. I find it hot, so it pops up in my stories from time to time. I believe, in my second book, Awakened with a Touch, there was a scene where John notices April is enjoying things a bit too much while he’s punishing her.

So, he decides to pause the punishment and force her to orgasm before he finishes punishing her. She quickly goes from ‘Oh my god, that was so good!’ To ‘Oh my god, what are you doing? That hurts so much!’ Which tends to happen when you get spanked hard after an orgasm.

It was a fun scene to write, let’s see if this one is as fun.

Story: A Week of Punishment (part one)

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