Free Books!!! Advent Calendars and more for December!

Because I’ve been going so hard the past few months, I’m trying to wind down a little as we go into December. If you’ve been following since last year you might know I normally do a lot of stuff for the Yule holidays.

We’re talking eight kinds of cookies and fudge, which get mailed all over the place. Plus, I have a long card list, and I do a small drawing in each card to make them more personal. It takes a full work week of 40+ hours to finish them on a good year.

But this year is different. G and L are pretty much demanding I have some downtime. They are still enforcing limits on the holiday card list, so no one new can be added, unless I remove someone. That’s because I’m terrible at saying no even when I’m stretched way past my limits.

And with the pandemic going on I will probably not be baking, at least not as extensively as usual. As much as I hate to drop it, I think all the extra grocery trips and post office trips are a bad idea right now.

While I do most of my grocery shopping through Instacart now, I’m not sure yet how much baking stuff I can get that way. So, no baking, or at least less baking depending on that. I will still be doing cards, in fact I’ve already started on them, but I’m not sure they will be on time given everything going on. Is it just me or does the mail seem extra slow these days?

Anyway, I was thinking everyone else is probably just as rushed and stressed as I am, so I figured we’d go with some more relaxed posts for December and then get back into the serious topics in January.

First I want to talk to you about this exciting thing! I am participating in a newsletter building promotion for Romantic Erotica and Daddy Dom authors. This is how it works… I give you a link that’s going to take you to a whollllle page full of books you can download for free.

Free Daddy Dom & Romantic Erotica- click here!

I didn’t count them, but I believe there are 100 free books just for you. Now, you might be asking what the catch is? Well, it’s a small thing. All you have to do is sign up to that author’s newsletter if you want their book. My Architect of His Desire is in there, so you can grab it if you don’t have it. Or you’ll have other chances to get it, which I’ll explain in a second.

If you don’t like the book you can unsubscribe, and it’s very easy to do. If you do like it, why would you want to leave? Stick around and see what else they have for you. And do open the newsletters that land in your box now and then; you’d be surprised at how many freebies, sales, and fun stuff authors include in their newsletters. These aren’t boring old store sign-ups most of the time.

All these books will be collected like this for just the month of December so grab them while you can.

But… that’s not all the free books because I want to bring your attention to some awesome holiday advent-style things I’m participating in.

Now, just so you know… I am crazy about advent calendars. Little mini surprises to open up every day of the month are exactly the sort of thing I like. I usually buy myself a fairly nice one every year. Not the tiny cheap chocolates kind, but ones filled with little collectables and stuff.

So being asked to participate in this sort of thing makes my internal kid squee and of course I said yes to most of the invitations. I was invited to be in four, I accepted three.

Now, you probably already have my free books, but I bet you don’t have all the ones from other authors. If you like kinky romance this is a great way to pick up some freebies which may lead you to new authors you’ll love.

First, our own group Sexy Spanking Reads will be doing one. It starts on December 1st. Twenty-four days of free kinky books can be found here: Sexy Spanking Advent

You will have to go there each day to click the date like any advent calendar, though some authors may leave the books free for longer so you can get them later if you miss a day. Some of these will have the same strings as the newsletter builder, where you have to sign up for their mailing list. Some will just be direct downloads no strings attached.

My amazing friend Golden Angel has set up another one that will work the same way. They look the same because they use the same system, but the books will vary so go to both!

You can find it here: Steamy Romance Advent and again, you’ll want to click each day, but some authors will set up a little leeway so you can get it if you’re late. This one will be NO strings attached. No newsletter sign-ups or anything else. You just get to download the book and it’s yours.

The last one I’m doing is a shorter calendar. This is the 12 days of X-mas event, so it starts a little later in the month. I’ll drop the info for you closer to the day, so it doesn’t get lost.

In other news, I’m in the middle of putting together a collection of recommended kinky holiday releases for the next post. Most of them are new this season, and there’s nothing quite like a good holiday spanking to make you feel warm in the winter.

Of course, you already know I have two new holiday books in my Krampus series, and I’ll be adding those to the list, but the rest will all be from other writers I personally enjoy and respect. You’ll see kinky books across the spectrum. I believe there are historicals, Daddy Doms, contemporary, and all sorts of other Spanky goodness so you can look forward to that post in just a few days.

And one more reminder. I hate to spam your emails too many times a week so I won’t send a separate announcement for this but Krampus Sir goes live tomorrow! (The 2nd). So if you have it on pre-order it will be in your kindle. If you are waiting for it to pop on KU then you can go grab it tomorrow!

But don’t forget the pre-order discount price ends when it goes live. So if you want to own it you may want to grab it today while it’s on sale. Here: Krampus Sir

With that, I’ll wrap things up.

I do want to say… I know some of you are struggling and this time of year is making worse. I understand. I’m feeling it too. I hope you can manage to find some joy this month, even through the difficulties. Try to step back and take a breath when you need to. Be kind to yourself. We’re going to get through this.

So stay safe, stay healthy, and stay home as much as you can.

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