Santa’s Gift (story) Part one

I am so sorry for the delay. I had every intention of finishing this and posting it on Christmas Eve, but life interfered, repeatedly. Also, as per usual the story got a bit longer than originally intended. For someone who has been a professional short-story writer for most of her career I certainly have trouble keeping the word count down lately.

Anyway since it’s longer than I planned I’m breaking it into two pieces to post, but don’t worry I won’t make you wait long for the second half. I’ll set it up to post tomorrow. And I do hope you all had a happy holiday, if you celebrate one!

Santa’s Gift (part one)
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Storytime: A Walk in the Graveyard

Hellloooo and happy Halloween everyone! I wanted to do a quick short story and post this yesterday, but I finished it a bit later than planned and wanted to give it a quick look over today before I sent it out. (100% guaranteed I’ve missed typos, but I do like to make an attempt.)

So yes, it’s story time today with a creepy All Hallows Eve story for my readers.  There’s a bit of non-con discipline here but I’m not a fan of giving away too much in warnings so I’ll leave it with that.
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