The Next Sadec Adventure

So I’ve been late and slow in working on the sequel to Surrendering to Her General. I know it’s been really popular and people are reminding me frequently that they are waiting, but I had another book to finish first.

That book hasn’t been placed yet, I’m considering what I want to do with it so while it’s finished now, I’ve set it aside for the moment to work on the next Sadec novel. I am finally getting some place with it, though it’s not even close to being halfway done so it’s going to be a while yet.

I had some very specific ideas about where I wanted it to go though and I’ve got most of the story arc fleshed out in my head so now it’s just a matter of getting it onto ‘paper’.

For those of you who read the first one, you know that it followed Kenzi, an Earth girl who had fantasized about being submissive most of her life but for various reasons had never gotten up the courage to give it a try. Then the aliens came and a whole new universe of opportunity opened up for her.

The Sadecs, a sadist alien race that have a near-addition for humans like Kenzi who are turned on by pain, offer incentives both personal and planetary for submissives and masochists. Kenzi willingly signs up. While there are some surprises and everything isn’t quite as described, she more or less knew what she was getting into.

But the sequel will be following Silla. A slave who was there before the Sadecs made an open deal with the Earth. She isn’t a willing volunteer in this adventure and what we saw of her in the first book made it clear she wasn’t too pleased to be there either.

Her story really wants to be told but it’s very different from Kenzi’s and that meant approaching things carefully. I said this book was likely to be darker, and it will be, but I know that some readers were worried it might go too dark for them to enjoy–that meant finding a balance.

We start her story on Earth. An Earth that has yet to find out about aliens, or meet any of the Sadecs–but they are there, disguised and hunting the BDSM clubs looking for Pain Receivers like her.

Silla doesn’t consider herself a submissive. In fact she goes out of her way to discourage Dominants from telling her what to do, and doesn’t want to be topped except physically, during a scene. She is a masochist, or what we like to call a pain slut, and for a Sadec she’s like a drug they can’t get enough of.

Silla is sassy almost to the point of being rude. She swears a lot and she avoids relationships like the plague. She prefers one-night engagements and she dictates the terms so her dates don’t expect more from her. So imagine her surprise when she falls for a strange new Dominant and finds herself breaking all the rules for him.

Hope you enjoy this short teaser from the book (unedited first draft obviously) of the first time Silla gets to play with a Sadec. It’s one of the tamer scenes that will be in the book but I’m pleased with it.


He obviously had plenty of experience both with implements and with kinky furniture and it showed as he expertly settled her face-down on the spanking bench, shifting the braces on either side to the right height for her knees. He moved around to the front and looked at her questioningly as he tugged at the attached cuffs, but she shook her head. She wouldn’t need to be cuffed for this.

He made some minute adjustments so that she was positioned the way he wanted her and then he ran a hand up her back, sliding the shirt along with it to expose her ass. With nothing in his way, he went right to work bringing up a nice deep shade of rose on her skin. He proved to be an excellent spanker along with his other skills and his broad palm bounced from cheek to cheek with precision.

It was actually kind of refreshing to be bent over and spanked for a change. It had been so long since she’d had a regular spanking. Once people knew you had a reputation for a high pain tolerance they tended to jump right to other things. Everyone enjoyed putting on a show with a submissive who could take a whip and writhe with the mix of pleasure and pain, so casual low-key kinds of play tended to be left by the wayside. She settled down, ready to enjoy the change of pace—literally.

His hand slapped down across her bare ass at a nice steady pace and made her cheeks jiggle as they quickly heated. She appreciated him starting with his hand because that meant it would last longer, but It felt—different. His palm felt like it was prickling slightly when it moved across her skin. Rough from working with his hands, she thought, but decided she liked the sensation. It added something special, especially when it stroked across the welts the whip had left—and she had a fair number of those across her ass.

She’d never understood why some people found a good hand spanking too childish for their taste. Spanking children had been outlawed since before she was born and with the right spanker it could hit all the high notes without leaving a girl too welted or bruised to continue playing. Nothing ticked her off more than having her playtime cut off early because a monitor decided she’d had enough, and spanking was a good way to get a longer experience without having to be gentle.

Plus—she’d always just enjoyed it. It was different from the whips with their sharp and sudden bite, but it could be just as devastating even if it took longer to get there. Her new play partner seemed to be enjoying the slow build, but again he’d taken her at her word, and he hadn’t started off with the light, almost pointless slaps, that most Doms tended to begin with.

From the first smack she’d known he was an expert at this too and when his hand cracked down with an especially hard snap that sent her rocking forward on the padded leather she groaned and dragged a breath in through her teeth as she struggled to acclimate. She could take more, and would, but whew it was a shock to have someone actually give her what she wanted without repeated prodding.


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    “We Are All In This Together…”

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