Anniversaries and Reflection

Today is a special day for three reasons. On the professional front… well, three years ago today, June 15th, 2017 to be exact, my first book A Haunting Experience was due to release. It actually didn’t come out until the 16th but today was the scheduled release day. That means I’ve officially been an author for three years now. Prior to that I was just a professional writer with hundreds of published stories to my credit. Continue reading “Anniversaries and Reflection”

Updates: Sorry things have been slow, but there’s news!

Just sending out this real quick update because I know things have been quiet so far this month. The good news is the DIY Loopy toy post will be going out on Friday of this week, I promise! I know a few of you were waiting for it especially and I did mean to have it done before December which is my hectic month.

For those of you who have been following me for a while you know that December is very busy for me. I do way too much including baking/making around 800 cookies/candies. I also do holiday cards with individual hand drawn pictures in each.

Those take me about an hour each and has led to some severe lectures from L and G about me putting too much on myself. As a result my card list is capped at around 60 and I’m not allowed to add anyone else without dropping people. So there’s constant guilt for all the lovely people I would love to send cards too–but realistically I just can’t do it. So I do try to pick one or two of the card designs to turn  into an online card to share with everyone and that makes me feel a little better.

This year I’ve been doing a flashback with #30DaysOfHolidayDoodles and each day I’ve posted one of my favorites from cards from previous years that I kept pictures of. Only as far back as 2014 since I didn’t think of it before then. Anyway if you are interested you can find me on Instagramtwitter or facebook and take a peek just look on my page or look up the hashtag you should find them.

We also had a very successful party in our facebook group this week celebrating the holidays and our reaching 500 memebers! Actually Sexy Spanking Authors and Readers passed 500 members so fast we’re already almost at 550! Considering we only opened the group a few months ago that’s great. And the party was very well attended with sixteen authors giving out prizes, gift cards, and free books.

However the bad news is… just a few days before the party I injured myself badly with a pinched sciatic nerve AND apparently also a pulled muscle or tendon. That meant I spent most of the week in bed crying and trying not to move. I can say, as a masochist, that this was absolutely no fun at all and I would have safeworded out on the first day if I could have.

I was able to get out of bed for a half hour at a time so I got my party posts up luckily, but I wasn’t really able to participate much. And I’m now way behind in literally everything. My holiday activities have really been hit by the loss of time, and on top of that I haven’t even been able to look at the first round of edits back on my latest finished book so I may not be able to submit it until after Christmas now. (Boo hiss!)

I went to urgent care and ended up with a shot in my back which has me feeling better. It’s supposed to last 3-5 days and after that we’ll see. I might be fine or I might be right back in pain. So once the shot kicked in and the pain dropped significantly I dived into work today to get things done. I’ll be trying to do as much as I can in the next couple of days, without overdoing it, just in case the pain returns.

L and G aren’t happy about this and are watching me to make sure I don’t try to do too much, but they do understand my urgency (sort of) in wanting to get things done since this is a really busy time of year, so we’ll see how much they’ll let me get away with. We’re fifteen days into the month without me getting in trouble for anything and arguing with them about anything that risks my health never goes well somehow so I’d like to avoid that.

But keep your fingers crossed for me because I really want this book submitted this year. I feel like I’ve been lazy because I only put one book out even though I did write three!

Anyway I hope everyone else’s month is going better than mine and I hope friday’s how-to post is helpful. I did want to do another holiday story this year but it just doesn’t look like I’ll have time. Though I vaguely remember last year’s story was a few days late too, so maybe I can still work it out! In case you haven’t read the last one though you can find it here:

Santa’s Gift and the second part of it should be tagged at the bottom in related posts.

See you Friday!

Post Creation Blues and Another Finished Book

On Friday I finished my current WIP, and my seventh novel. The working name I’ve been going with is “Slave to the Bottle” but I’m really not sure I’m going to stick with it since it has a connotation I don’t like. The story however, I really love and I think it came out exactly the way I wanted it.

Can you guess from the name what it’s about? I’ve been super secretive about this one and no one really knows the theme, but this is the biggest clue I’ve given so maybe you can guess.

I’m taking a few days off before starting to work seriously on the Rise of the Sadecs sequel. I am feeling the ‘end of book’ sadness right now that I often deal with when I’ve finally wrapped up a book. It can be fairly intense emotionally and it will take me a few days to move past it.

I think it’s deeper this time because this book is a stand-alone so their story has ended–at least for now. Who knows what the future will bring but their HEA seems fairly complete to me at this point.

I realized that people might not know that it is a normal and common thing to feel empty and down after finishing a creative work that’s taken a long time, so I whipped up one of my Subby Writer Woes memes to cover it and I thought I’d drop a quick post here to share it with you.

Have a great weekend everyone!