Late announcement!

This announcement is late because yesterday ended up being really busy and it escaped my mind. I participated in the new release party on facebook for Nicolina Martin’s new book Commanding Casey with a number of other authors.

Why am I telling you now after it’s over?

Well, because of how Facebook parties are run. Typically you don’t have to be there during the scheduled time since it’s not like a chatroom. It can be more fun if you are, but you can always show up later and catch up. Most authors, myself included, leave contests and giveaways open for at least 24 hours. Mine are typically 48, which means you still have time to head over to the group that hosted the party if you want to participate.

Author Stalkers Unite 

You’ll find giveaways for free books, gift cards, swag, all kinds of things plus upcoming announcements. And typically most of the parties I participate in are all authors in my own genre, which would be BDSM/Power-Exchange romance. So if you like my stuff you might find some other authors you like there.

So, sorry for the last notice but you won’t miss anything if you get over there today.

Have a great weekend everyone and remember stay safe, stay healthy, stay home!

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