Surprise! Keeping His Brat is up for pre-order!

As you know I usually do a special pre-order price on my new books. This is mostly for my regular readers as a thank you for sticking with me. So Keeping His Brat is now up for pre-order at 2.99. Once it releases on August 7th it will go up to 4.99 as usual

Reckless Behavior. Serious Consequences. And more trouble on the way!

Charlie is in trouble again and this time Sam may not be able to get her out of it. When her reckless actions put her life in danger, he charges to the rescue. But Sam ends up being the one stuck with the consequences.

Now Charlie is temporarily in charge of the ranch, and she’s got all kinds of ideas. But what’s Daddy going to say when he comes home?

Warning: This book contains a consensual D/s relationship with discipline and graphic scenes.

And just a reminder that Enslaved by Magic is also up for pre-order, but today is the last day. It will go live at 2am PST. This one is with my publisher Red Hot Romance, so I don’t actually set the prices and can’t discount it, but if you grab it on pre-order you’ll have it your kindle early tomorrow morning to read!

Universal Amazon link here:

✓ Bratty Genie with a long dark history

✓ Modern man who prefers his women to be willing submissives and isn’t happy to find out he owns one against her will now.

✓ A romance that was fated to free her.

✓ Spanking and hot sex!

Bound by magic. Fated to love only one man.

For centuries she has existed as a slave to whoever owns her bottle. Treated as little more than a vessel to fill their desires.

She’d given up on ever being freed and then he came into possession of her prison.


A Dominant man who makes her want to submit for the first time in her life. A modern man who refuses to take advantage of her when she can’t freely consent, but one who will punish when she steps over his boundaries. A man who finally gives her hope that her bondage is nearing its end.

I’ll see you back here tomorrow for a review and links for an illustrated BDSM guide that was referred to me.

Long Distance Daddy (Book rec.)

Way back in 2019 (about thirty years ago by Covid time) I posted an article about the Dirty Daddies anthology of that year. If you missed it you can find it here: Long Distance D/s and the Dirty Daddies Anthology

It had particular interest to me because there was a novella in it about a long distance relationship. Since that’s a special focus of mine I was very excited to see it. There have been very few books out there that focus on long distance relationships. It’s really nice to see some well-written representation. Unfortunately Dirty Daddies is always a limited time collection, which means after a couple of months the story was gone.

But I have some exciting news for you!

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Krampus Sir Now Up for Pre-order

Krampus Sir

He’s the embodiment of punishment looking for a mate. She’s a shallow brat with dreams of influencer fame. Can they learn to love each other in just one year?

When Krampus chooses her from among all the naughty people in the world, he has more than the usual year of punishment in mind. This time he’s looking for a mate. A woman who will thrive under his harsh discipline and learn to love him because of it.

When Nia’s lies and self-centered behavior hurt the people around her, she ends up on his naughty list. Now she’ll learn what it’s like to have her dignity stripped away one painful punishment at a time.

But at the end of the year she’ll have a choice to make. Return to her life a better person … or remain with the immortal Dominant permanently as his mate.

Krampus Sir Book Two of the Krampus Collective

Yes! I did it. The schedule was tight at times, but the pre-order is ready to go at a discounted price. After it goes live on December 2nd the price will go up so grab it now for the bargain price! I think you’re going to love it.

And we’ll be celebrating with a release party on Krampusnacht, the official holiday of Krampus, his day! It will be in our group Sexy Spanking Reads on December 5th all day! There will be giveaways and fun events to celebrate the release so mark it on your calendar and come join us!

In other news I’m working on getting the paperback version of Claiming His Brat together and hope to have it out by early December too. And once all that is out of the way I can settle back to work on the sequel which will arrive in early 2021.

Also there are several different Holiday Advent calendars going on with free books for each day. You probably always have mine, but I bet you won’t have all the others so I’ll be doing a special post for that once I get all the information. And I think I’ll do a Christmas/Holiday release list with it for those who wants some spicy holiday reads to get you through the long winter nights.

And that’s all the news so I’ll just wrap this up here.

Remember to stay safe, stay healthy, and stay home if you can!

A Cover Reveal For My Birthday And Some Updates

October was an exhausting circus of parties and new releases, leaving me short on patience and sleep. November isn’t going to be too much better because I have two major projects to finish. I will be devoting most of my time to writing this month.

Because of the stress of everything going on G has put his foot down on anything overly stressful. I’ve been banned from picking up any parties until later in the month because, while I do enjoy them, they are a lot of work to set up. I’m not allowed to sign up for any more anthologies and any time the Internet upsets me I get yanked off.

Balancing a career with submission is a trip sometimes lemme tell ya. But he’s right. I don’t have time for all of that right now.

I have a heavy schedule to manage starting with finishing the second Krampus Collective book: Krampus Sir. I’m really enjoying the freedom I have with this series, I can’t even tell you. The first one Daddy Krampus, is doing really well, and I’m happy with the response to it, but we’ll see how people accept a different, less cuddly Krampus.

Here’s the cover for book two. I’m in love with his eyes. Ugh

I intend this to be an eleven book series. Yes, there are twelve Krampus, but, well, you’ll see. Because each book stands alone and the ties between them can mostly be done with a prologue to set up the universe I feel like I have the freedom to do some things that I don’t usually get to do.

My regular readers may not like all of them, though some will. Some people who don’t normally read my books because they don’t read M/F might enjoy some of the ideas I have planned. I don’t want to get into the details because I’d like to save them for a surprise but let’s just say… Krampus is a shape changer and doesn’t always have to be a man. And … their sexual preferences won’t necessarily all be the same.

This series will be happening in real time. Which means each year two of the Collective will step up to take their turn and find their mates, while for the rest it’s business as usual. That means two books will come out every year. Probably on the same schedule: October and then December. So it isn’t something you’ll see this year, but a plan for future books at some point.

But because they stand alone you can simply skip any book that doesn’t suit your own interests. This kind of diversity is something I set up in my Sadec world. I have side characters there who are gay or trans. And the Sadec race is a lot more equal between the genders. The women are just as dominant, and are also warriors.

I had to limit how far I could actually explore those side characters in the main books, which I really regret. Kenzi is shared with a woman, for instance, but it’s very low on detail. Dez is a gay switch who has a Master but you don’t really get to see them interact.

There is something of a divide in the reader world and books that mix hetero pairings with gay pairings don’t tend to do well. Additionally the publisher those books are with only does LGBT under a separate imprint, making it hard to combine both in the same series.

However, I’ve signed up for an alien LGBT anthology next year and I’m using the opportunity to give Dez his own story finally, which I’m really excited about. I adore his switchy sass.

And speaking of the Sadecs… I have news for you! The Stolen and Seduced anthology did so well that we might extend it another three months, before we remove it from sale forever.

And we’re doing a sequel anthology: Captured and Captivated. It will be out in early December, but you will want to grab it now at the pre-order price because it will cost more after it goes live.

It will feature another Sadec story from Sadie Marks and will bring back some familiar characters from Taken By the Renegade. You might recall a certain set of Dominant twins … Well it turns out they aren’t happy without a slave and they’re looking for someone new.

And there’s a broken girl who could really use some caring Masters to help her heal. So yes, this will be a ménage story.

I’m really excited about it because this story is going to connect strongly to the third book in the series, which I finished a while ago and I hope will be released early next year.

But this story will not be an excerpt. It will stand alone. And it shouldn’t give too many spoilers for the third book.

At some point I might collect these Sadec short stories into a book, but some of them might also end up being extended into their own book. Who knows! I am keeping my options open for now.

I do have another blog post planned for later this month. I noticed a lot of confusion about Daddy Kink and Ageplay with these two Daddy books I put out and I thought it was time to address those topics a little more fully. It’s already written, but I do need to find time to edit it some, and I was waiting for a beta read on it from someone.

I always like to get other people in the scene to read the educational posts, preferably people who are especially involved in that topic, to review before I post. Just because I think it’s important to make sure I get these things right. But that can mean it takes a little longer.

So, I do apologize if it ends up delayed. I’m hoping it won’t, but my schedule is really tight right now.

Oh! By the way, It’s my birthday today! Yes, I’m a Scorpio. And yes it’s Friday the 13th! I have no idea what will happen today; a comet falling out of the sky would not surprise me. But if you want to make me a very happy author you could pop over to amazon and buy Daddy Krampus or Claiming His Brat or if you’ve already got them you could leave a review.

Otherwise stay safe, stay healthy, and stay at home if you can!