New Release, Sale, and Other News!

I know things have been quiet around here for the past month. December is always hectic, but this year I outdid myself. I was determined to get a second Krampus book out. I had the idea all plotted out and started from much earlier this year and it was so fun that I really didn’t want to wait.

But Lord Krampus turned out longer than expected and it cut the turnaround time down between books. I had to put on my running shoes and increase my work hours to catch up– which is always hard at this time of year because I do a lot of holiday prep too.

Whew! So, now that I have a minute to breathe, I have lots of exciting news to share today.

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First of all, it did all come together and with some major time crunching Krampus Zaddy joined Lord Krampus in the Krampus Collective this year. And… I’m not going to lie the steam on this one is hot, hot, hot! I truly adore both of the 2022 books, and for different reasons.

Lord Krampus is a sweet love story full of doomed relationship and forbidden love tropes, not to mention some unexpected Knight in Shining Armor vibes! What happens when Krampus rescues a good girl and isn’t allowed to keep her? Quite a lot actually!

Krampus Zaddy is a fun setup with Courtney, a Sugar Baby who has no intention of giving her Daddies anything they want and is just scamming what she can out of them. Her world gets flipped upside down when she mistakes Krampus for the Sugar Daddy she’s there to meet.

The punishment scenerio is fun and this is the first book where we have a detailed sex scene with Krampus in his original form, hooves, horns and all. Every Krampus book has had elements of monster-lovin’. Usually, Krampus will whip out his tail or tongue, or both– but now it’s full-on monster time.

Both of them, and all the others are available here: The Krampus Collective . There are currently 5 books and the first three are available in a box set for a cheaper price.

And speaking of the earlier books…I’ve got a staggered sale starting today on Krampus Doms (book 3). I had wanted to put all three up for sale earlier this month, but Amazon only allowed me to put up the first two because of KU contracts and cycles.

The opportunity to put Krampus Doms on sale finally popped up and I thought I’d shoot for Christmas to New Year’s Eve.

It will be .99cents for the first two days, then it goes up to 1.99 and then it will go up to 2.99 for the reminder for the sale, which ends on the 31st. So, if you didn’t want to get the box set because you had the first two… this is your chance to get the third one and then you don’t need the box at all.

And for those of you who were asking about a paperback for the Krampus books, the boxset is available in paperback. Lord Krampus is available in paperback on its own as well, and I haven’t decided about Krampus Zaddy yet, but I will probably set up a paperback for that too when I have the chance.

Exciting right?

Next bit of news! You haven’t heard much from my alter ego, Sadie Marks, in a while. But one of her earlier novellas is available again in a new Benefit anthology full of discipline stories. You can find that here:

The money being raised is going to help out author Maren Smith, who lost her husband and father on the same day, in a tragic car accident. So, it’s a good cause and the books feature a ton of great kink writers.

And now the last bit of news! For those who don’t read my books, and are here for the real side of kink, this is probably the most interesting. I took the month off of writing the serious topics, so I could get all my holiday preparation done and finish Krampus Zaddy, but I’ll have some new stuff coming soon. Including a multi-piece article in January about exploring kink relationships safely.

So, no matter what you celebrate I hope you have a great holiday, and I can’t wait to meet back here next month will all new material!

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