Goose Daddy Is Done!

As some of you may know, I’ve been working on a story for the Dirty Daddies Spring Anthology. I hadn’t expected to be invited to participate again so soon, since they like to bring in new blood with each book, but apparently, they thought this theme was in my wheelhouse.

And I admit I was excited. Since this one is supposed to be filled with humor my first thought was to go with my goose shifter. I absolutely intend to eventually do a full goose shifter book, maybe a series, but so far, I haven’t had the chance.

I did start with a historical anthology last year where I introduced the Brood family back in the 1700’s and then segued to the 1800’s with a trio of Brood brothers and their mail order bride. I had a lot of fun with it, and I’d love to go back and expand on that someday, but historical didn’t feel right for this.

So now we’re meeting the modern descendent of the family: Gavin Brood and I’m excited to see what people think of him and the woman he falls for, Gabrielle Daly.

Now, during the plotting of this it got a little off the rails with some hysterical scenes, which I still want to do! But I was encouraged to hold back somewhat. That’s okay though, because someday when I flesh this story out, I have a lot of wickedly amusing ideas to incorporate.

For now, we have a mostly light-hearted story with a decent amount of humor and the beginnings of a beautiful romance between two kindred souls and I’m happy with that.

Here’s a little teaser….

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She let out her breath in a long whoosh. “Not just me then. That does make me feel better.” Her hand caressed his arm. “I admit we’re doing things a little bit backwards, but I’m okay with it, if you are… Daddy?” That last word was tremulous with an oddly hopeful note.

His cock jerked, now painfully hard. But the name affected him almost as much on an emotional level.

For a moment he was stunned that she’d actually called him that. It seemed to come out of nowhere. “Now, how did you know I had a thing for being called that?”

“Mmm. At the lake you mentioned that if I needed a Daddy, you might be up for the job. I made a wild guess that maybe you meant it. Did you?”

“Oh, hell yeah.” His self-control was frayed to the point of non-existent now. He pressed her against the wall and claimed her mouth with his. His tongue thrust between her lips, tasting the cherry sweetness from dessert as he explored the warm wet depths.

The world seemed to slip away, with neither paying much attention to anything but each other. His knee nudged between her thighs, spreading them, and her legs ended up wrapped around his waist. He squeezed her ass with both hands as he held her against the wall.

When they finally came up for air, both were flushed and breathing heavily. “Definitely time to find the bedroom,” he said. His voice was rough and low from the restraint it was taking not to tear her clothes off and fuck her right against the wall.

“Please,” was all she said, but it was how she said it.

He got one look at her eyes, noting the dazed slightly unfocused look to them, before she buried her face against his neck and nipped at the soft skin. The growl was impossible to hold back. He shifted his weight and balanced her in his arms so he could carry her to the bedroom.

Gabby laughed, bouncing a little, as he dropped her on the bed. She sprawled there. Her lips turned up. Her eyes were half-lidded, giving her a sensual look.

“There are conversations we should have, but I don’t think either of us are in the right headspace for a serious discussion so I’m going to make this simple. Are you willing to give up control for the night, and let me be in charge?”

“Yes.” Simple, short, and to the point.

His heart seemed to give an extra thump and he could feel his cock oozing with precum now. “Good girl. I know you’re new and nothing we’ll do tonight should push any limits, but pick a safeword just in case. You do know about them, right?”

She nodded and then with a smirk said, “Um, how about… silly goose?”

He had to stop. It took a full minute to get his laughter under control. His response must have seemed over the top to her. If she only knew… but that was something else they’d have to discuss another time.

If you want to see more, you’ll have to grab a copy of the book.

But next week you can join me back here for a more serious topic:
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