Join me for the Sizzling release party July 3rd

Helllooo, lovely readers! The new book: Surrendering to her General is doing amazingly well on Amazon. It is ranking better than any other book I’ve written, even almost a month after release. Honestly, I’m a bit in shock over it, and I haven’t even had my release party yet.

I wanted to remind you that I will be taking part in  my Publisher’s monthly release party on  Facebook, July 3rd and I would love to have you guys participate.

The party will be going on all day from 11am-6pm with a whole bunch of authors participating. I think it will be at least ten different authors, including me! I’ll be taking over at 4:30, but everyone there will have prizes to give away.

I have multiple things to give out–but don’t worry if you can’t be online exactly when the party happens. My giveaway contests will be running for 48 hours so everyone has a chance to participate. Other authors will decide how long theirs will go but I think most of them will be giving at least 24 hour windows. So, all you have to do is log onto Facebook and join the Blushing Sizzle group here:  Click here to party!

Then just pop in on July 3rd or 4th and scroll down to find the prize posts. I’ll probably be posting every 5 minutes for my half-hour window so you’ll have lots of things to comment on. And please, if you found your way to the group from this blog post comment on one of the party posts and let me know! I love to know who’s reading my blog because I put my heart and soul into some of these posts.

I just had some amazing postcards made which have Sadie Marks on one side and Kessily Lewel on the other, which I will be including with any mailed prizes. They can be signed on request. And as you know I had those themed aloe gels made up for swag and some of the prizes at the party will include them so you really don’t want to miss out.

Hope to see you tomorrow! (Wednesday)

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