Taken by the Renegade teaser and some updates.

I know updates have been slow lately, sorry about that! I have a number of blog posts I’m working on. The next post will probably be the one on how to make your own silent loop-spanking toy, aka a DIY version of the infamous Loopy Johnny. I’ve already started it and bought supplies so I could take some pictures. I just need to pull it together.

But my focus has primarily been on finishing the sequel to Surrendering to Her General.  After almost 6 months since it’s release it’s still doing well on Amazon, and is my best selling book so far by quite a lot, so that’s put a bit of pressure on me. Since I slipped in another book before starting the sequel I am months past where I wanted to be and when I wanted to release it. Whoops.

In this genre there is a need to get the sequels out promptly or they don’t sell as well, hence my determination to finish this one by the end of the month. And I’m almost there! A few thousand words from the end and I just need to pull it all together and wrap things up!

So I thought I’d offer you a little teaser from the current writing. This book in some ways is going to be darker than the first, but I think people will really like it. Before I show you the teaser though, I do want to say that like all my books this one doesn’t easily fit into a sub-genre. There are elements of reverse harem in it, but it’s not in that genre.

If you only like monogamous relationships than this whole series is probably not your cup of tea. There will be love, there will be romance and happy ever afters with the right alien, but remember, the Sadecs share what they treasure most. It’s part of their culture, and for them that includes their human pets/slaves.

Often it’s a one-on-one situation, outside of public punishment, but in this book Silla ends up with Master(s) plural in a very rare situation for a little while. This is unedited obviously since I just wrote it yesterday–but I think it’s hot. what do you think?

*     *    *

Both of them focused solely on her, working as a team to bring her the most delightful mix of pain and pleasure from the very first night. It had been a night she’d never forget. Blindfolded, tied firmly to the bed with one on each side of her. “Mine,” Era’d whispered, with Nikon echoing the word in her other ear just a second later.

Sadec claws were drawn down the center of her chest all the way to the vee between her legs. While from the other side another set worked their way up from her ankles, the sharp points scratching delightfully along her inner thighs until she was panting, and her hips were rising off the bed in a clear invitation.

They laughed and traded off, now the claws were coming down on the left, and up on the right side of her body. This time they pressed into her harder, and she could feel the red lines trailing the claws across her bare flesh with some slight sting, but nothing unpleasant, nothing that would break the skin.

It did things to her body; wonderful things. Inside there was a delicious fluttery feeling that reminded her of going down a hill at top speed.

The darkness added an exciting element of anxiousness to things, but she just found being tied down frustrating. They seemed to be exploring every inch of her and she wanted to explore them as well. She wanted to touch them back, wanted to drag her tongue over that beautiful skin but all she could do was writhe while they played with their new toy.

It was a subtle kind of pain and never quite enough to quench her thirst or make her climax. It left her breathless and needy instead, but when she demanded more a hand lightly settled over her mouth. “Quiet, slave or we’ll have to punish you.” It was Nikon who said it, she thought, but with the blindfold on she couldn’t be sure.

She didn’t know what the punishment would consist of, but she’d learned that no matter how much of a masochist she was, they would always find ways when they wanted to make a point. Her days of saying, “Go ahead!” with a laugh were in the past now. Or at least it was something she only did on purpose when she really wanted to push, and she wasn’t ready to do that with her new Masters quite yet.

She made an effort to behave, and luckily they didn’t hold the moaning against her because she couldn’t have silenced those if she wanted to. By the time they untied her and rolled her over onto her stomach she was a shaking mess. Every inch of her skin prickled and itched from scratching, biting, and the occasional spank and the demanding pulse in her core had finally sent her over the edge at least twice.

*   *   *

So what do you think? Worth keeping?

Oh! Before I forget! Mark Thursday December 12th on your calendar. I’ll give you more information later, but our Facebook author group will be having a huge event. We’ll be celebrating the December holidays as well as (hopefully!) reaching our 500 member mark. There will be tons of prizes, gift cards, free books, and a whole list of awesome BDSM and spanking authors have signed up to entertain you!

If you haven’t already joined us, you should. We have a lot of fun in there and as you can tell by the name we’re pretty focused on the whole spanking thing.
Sexy Spanking Authors and Readers

Happy American Thanksgiving to those who celebrate it, and safe travels on Black Friday. It’s going to be brutal out there!

Love and spanks!
Kessily (And Sadie)

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