Search engine and archive added!

Just wanted to drop a really quick update because I messed around with the website and have finally been able to add a monthly archive and an internal search engine to make it easier for you to find my articles.  You should be seeing it over on the side now.

I know a few people asked about this in the past, and I’m sorry! I was told by WP tech that I couldn’t have them because my plan doesn’t allow plug-ins.

But I saw tonight that they have widgets for it. Not sure if they are new or if I just got the wrong info before but I’m excited to let you know searching is now an option! Yay!! And that’s it! I did say it would be quick! Anyway I’ll see you back here on Friday for an article about some common BDSM terms and the history behind them.

Have a great week!

4 Replies to “Search engine and archive added!”

  1. Kessily, where did you find this plug in? I’ve been looking for one for a blog search engine. Do you have to have a certain kind of set up?


    1. Aha! See I’m not the only one. No! It’s not a plug-in. That’s the problem. I don’t have their fancy expensive account so I can’t use plug-ins and they told me I couldn’t have them without it. But then I found it under widgets which you can use with the bottom tier account. Click Dashboard/Appearance/Widgets There is a whole BUNCH of useful stuff there so I might add more soon, but I didn’t want to clutter things up.

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