Timeless Love Series Now Available off Amazon PLUS Freebie!

Hope you all enjoyed last week’s post about some common BDSM terms, their use, and history. This is just going to be a short update today, but I have another interesting post planned for later in the month.

For now, I wanted to let you know that the first book in my Timeless Love trilogy is going up free today on Amazon! Yes! That’s right In Time for Love will be free  at some point today, and we’ll probably leave it that way for a little while. If you grab a copy and enjoy it please remember to leave a review.

Also the Timeless Love trilogy has gone wide and is no longer only available on Amazon. So for those of you who prefer to read on Kobo or Nook you’ll now be able to pick up this series!

Need a **HOT** summer read?

Try the Timeless Love series!

Just when her world had fallen apart, Katherine stumbles into the man of her dreams, but what is the mysterious secret he’s keeping from her, and will it change how she feels when she learns the truth?

Warning! This story contains: Paranormal elements, D/s, kink, lots of spanking, and a HEA in the last book!

You can find it on KOBO here:
Timeless Love 

On Barnes & Noble for Nook here:
Timeless Love


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