Announcement: Newsletter!

After years of putting it off I have finally hired a PA to help me set up a newsletter and now we’re ready for people to sign up. The first issue will be coming out on September 6th so you’ll want to sign up right away so you don’t miss out.

I know, I know, you already follow the website so why would you want to sign up for my newsletter, right? Well, for one thing I’ll be releasing a brand new, never before seen, novella in a few weeks, and newsletter subscribers will be getting it FREE as soon as it’s released. It’s in the editing stages right now and I think you’ll enjoy it.

Also the newsletter is a nice compact way to keep up with everything I’m doing. Once or twice a month it will drop into your e-mail and tell you what I’ve got going on. Sales, deals, new releases for me and for other authors in the same genre, plus newsletter only freebies and contests.

It will also be giving hints about new blog posts coming up here. So I think it will be worth signing up for. Just click the link below and sign up. P.s. you don’t have to use your real name!

Chaotic Musings Newsletter


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