Claiming His Brat Paperback Live!

I’m so excited and I’ve got several updates for you. First, the paperback for Claiming His Brat is live now. I had planned for it to come out in November but there were a few delays along the path. It’s finally up and it’s so gorgeous. If you thought the cover was pretty wait until you see the whole wrap on the paperback. I’m in love!

So if you hate e-books and only buy paperbacks now is your time! You can find it here: very reasonably priced at 9.99. This is new the release price and will probably go up later.

If you enjoy author parties, or just the giveaways and freebies you can get at them.. then you might be interested in joining me and a bunch of other authors in the Syrene Members group on January the 16th 5pm-10pm for a release party. Syrene Burns (also known as Char Cauley) writes historical romance with spankings and she has a new book coming out Tawny’s Gold so we’ll all be celebrating with lots of fun stuff.

And finally I’ve got a brand new anthology release out today! Captured and Captivated is an alien abduction anthology and it’s currently at a discounted price but it will be going up now that it’s been released so grab it on sale.

I’ve got a Sadec story (under Sadie Marks) in it that I’m proud of. It fits right into the timeline with the books and features a ménage with a couple characters you might recognize from Taken By the Renegade. Also there’s another character you probably won’t recognize because they made only a brief appearance before, but is important in the third book–which will hopefully be coming soon!

I hope to see you back here on Friday 1/8/2021 for a serious post about how Covid is effecting relationships and a little advice that you might find helpful for dealing with the issues going on at the moment.

Stay safe, stay healthy, and stay home if you can!

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