Lights, Camera, Daddy! is Live! (and other news)

The first book of my Action Daddy series is now live. I’m excited about this one. To be honest I think it’s my favorite Daddy book so far. The characters came together so nicely and they, at least to me, were very realistic. If you didn’t grab it on pre-order then you can get it now, and it’s also in Kindle Unlimited. Lights, Camera, Action!

Did I tell you how this book came about? It’s an interesting story.

My friend and fellow author, Stella Moore, was talking to me about a title for a new book she had coming out last year. I was joking around and somehow it got a little silly. I ended up with several really overly dramatic titles like Revenge of the Daddy! And The Daddy Returns!

Of course none of those worked for her book and we both giggled over it, but then like half hour later I came back with “Okay, but hear me out…” and told her a whole plot had popped into my head where the series would be about a movie actor so all the titles would be really dramatic and the covers would look like movie posters.

I was only kidding. I had no intention of continuing with writing the actual book but Stella is an instigator. She insisted they needed to be written. So here we are and the first book is done.

In case you’re wondering I do intend to use the silly, dramatic titles as we continue. I’m torn about which one will be next but probably Revenge of the Daddy. I actually can’t wait to have the next cover made because I really love the first one.

In case you’re wondering about the book, I thought I’d toss a little information your way. I know I’ve given you a couple teasers, but that really just shows you the hot scenes and doesn’t tell you much about the characters or the situation.

We have Mitch an action star in Hollywood who is creeping up on middle age, and Olivia who works as a crafty on the set of his current movie. Now her job is to keep the coffee hot and the snacks full so people can graze throughout the day, and she loves her job. But she does not trust actors.

As attracted as she is to Mitch the idea of dating him scares her for a number of reasons. He is determined to have her, but is also a genuinely nice guy so he’s trying to respect her boundaries. This leads to a slow courtship as she slowly learns to trust. (slow in terms of a romance book anyway. We’re talking weeks not years.)

I think this book is going to be good for people who are new to kink and exploring because you’re seeing a girl who is brand new to all of it. She’s fantasized and she’s searched online, but she’s never done anything. It makes it very different situation from the Daddy Takes the Reins series because Charlie had years of experience with Sam before they broke up, and then got back together.

Experienced players tend to know what they want and when they play with people they trust they are more willing to take risks in their play. (I’m big on RACK– Risk Aware Consensual Kink, which means knowing what you’re getting into and deciding what level of risk you’re willing to take.) Which is why Charlie was okay with not using safewords with Sam.

But with Livie being brand new you get to see the whole process. That’s why this book moves a little slower. And I kind of love that you get to see their relationship because this is really the first book I’ve done that. Livie isn’t the first newbie I’ve written, but it’s the first in a normal contemporary setting. (Well, not that Hollywood is normal exactly.)

April in the Haunting series was brand new. In fact she was a virgin because of a complicated problem she had, which made getting close to men difficult. But given that she falls in love with a hundred-year-old ghost things do progress a little differently from the norm. And Kenzi in Surrendering to Her General was new to submitting, but that was sci-fi with aliens and a complicated volunteer slave contract–so again very different.

This is really the first time I’ve shown someone in a contemporary setting who is brand new to the scene. It was fun with the nervous ‘oh no what if I hate it all’ vibes that a lot of us experienced. You have to wonder if the things you fantasize about will actually be enjoyable, or if you should have left them in fiction.

And I know some people are a little iffy about Daddy books, especially when they include some ageplay as this one does (and Daddy Krampus does too.) so I wanted to talk a little about that.

I love writing about Littles, and the whole recreational age regression thing is something I find as a big positive. I don’t normally cross over Littles with sexy scenes. So this book, like the Daddy Krampus one tends to have a clear separation of when she is in a child’s headspace and when she is feeling things as an adult woman.

This is natural to me because while I do have my Little moods they are definitely non-sexual. It’s not the same for everyone, but I prefer it that way. So there is some ageplay in here but it stays out of the sexy scenes, although she does call him Daddy all the time which is normal for Daddy kink.

So yes, while the Daddy Takes the Reins series is just Daddy Kink, this one has it all. And by all I mean Daddy Kink, DDlg, spanking, punishment, age gap (Mitch is about 10 years older than her.), ageplay.

If you’re looking for ways to help besides the obvious: reading the book and suggesting it to people, reviews are always a big help! And another way you can help is to add Lights, Camera, Daddy! to your ‘want to read’ on Goodreads. You can go straight to its GR listing here: Lights, Camera, Daddy (on Goodreads).

And remember stay safe, stay healthy, and stay home if you can!

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