Mid-Week Announcements!

Hi everyone! I usually try to save my posts for Friday (for absolutely no reason, to be honest) but I had a few announcements and I didn’t want to leave you out of the loop!

First of all … cover reveal!

This is the fantastic cover for Keeping His Brat. Isn’t it beautiful? I don’t have a pre-order link but it will come soon. The book is… well, I think you’ll love it but there’s some serious wrenching emotional moments so you might also hate me.

We are totally on track for an early August release on it. We are also on track for Enslaved By Magic’s release on July 23rd. So you’ll be getting two new books from me in two weeks! Isn’t that insane? (Yes, yes it is and believe me I’m feeling it.)

Now, in other news I’m going to be part of a big author party on Friday the 9th (This Friday!) and I thought you might want to come out. We have a full roster of 22 authors, of all different genres. At least six of them write the kinky/spanky stuff like me, but it’s a chance to be part of some fun and hang out with authors you love. Maybe a chance to find some new authors to read also.

There will be teasers, announcements, games, and almost every author will have a free book or two to giveaway. Plus contests and prizes of course. So, if it sounds like fun you can find us in the Romance Chit Chat group on Facebook. Party starts at 12:30pm Eastern and runs until almost midnight I believe.

But if you can’t make it while the party is live keep in mind that Facebook parties aren’t like real life parties. Most authors will keep things going for at least 24 hours or more. My stuff goes for 48 hours. That way if you can’t make it while things are live you can still participate.

My personal slot at the party is at 4pm though and I’ll be there for it so if you’ve ever wanted to meet me… now’s your chance! If you can’t make it that’s okay too. You’ll have plenty of opportunities. I’m sure I’ll be having a release party for the two books coming out.

But while we’re talking about Facebook don’t forget I have a group: Sexy Spanking Reads, which I share with four other brilliant kinky authors. And I am there most days too. You’re always welcome to come find me there.

On that note I’m going to wrap up but be back here on Friday for the lasted blog post on doing relationship maintenance. See you then!

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