Enslaved By Magic Teaser and Cover Reveal

So I have a new book coming out in just over a week!! I have a cover reveal AND a pre-order link for you here: Enslaved By Magic Scroll down for a teaser too! (apparently the cover is cut off on some viewers and wordpress doesn’t let me edit size anymore so I’m dropping it here too!

This is a paranormal romance and I have to say one of my best books so far, at least in my opinion.

Amari was a human woman cursed to live as a jinn and to grant wishes to whoever owns her bottle. She has been tricked and used for centuries and as a result is more than a little bit manipulative when it comes to getting her way but that doesn’t seem to work with Luke.

Luke is a modern man. A Dominant who doesn’t like owning someone who can’t consent freely. He wants to help Amari, and wants to free her, but his own feelings for her are getting in the way.

Enslaved by Magic

“Look,” she said in a placating tone, “it was just a joke. You were hurting my feelings with the constant suspicion, and I just—just wanted to get a little revenge.” Even though she put as much emotion into the excuse as she could, he didn’t seem to be buying it.

“Yeah, I don’t think so. That was more than a joke, and you let it continue for your own amusement. So now I’m going to do something for my own amusement,” he said. His voice was low, gravely, and nearly a growl, and suddenly he was grabbing her by the wrist with one hand, while dragging the kitchen chair away from the table with the other. He spun it around and dropped into it, pulling her down across his lap as he sat.

It was all very efficient and the abruptness of it took her breath away. “What—what are you doing?” she demanded. She hated that her voice had gone squeaky with the shock.

“Giving you a taste of your own medicine, Amari. You burned the hell out of me, now I’m going to do the same thing to you,” he said, with a grimness that made her shiver.

His hand crashed down, and it became clear what he’d meant by burning the hell out of her. He was going to spank her!

Now, she was scrambling for anything she could think of to stop him. It wasn’t that she was afraid of the pain. She’d been hurt too many times to count over the years—but this was something else. This was a childish punishment; a humiliation, and she couldn’t bear it. “But you told me not to act like a slave! You said I should be a person!”

“I didn’t say to be a brat!” he retorted.

She was grateful for the modern jeans she wore. The denim gave her some protection from his hand when it slapped down with a heavy, meaty WHACK on the same spot! She could still feel the sting, but it would have been much worse on bare skin. “I’m sorry! You’re right it wasn’t funny!”

But truthfully, she did think it was funny, and, despite the danger her backside was in, she couldn’t help the giggle that escaped when the image of him frantically guzzling water popped into her head. She covered her mouth with both hands quickly, but it was too late, and it ruined the careful work she’d done of sounding repentant.

“You’ve got a mean sense of humor, Amari, so maybe you’ll find this funny too,” he said in a tightly controlled voice that made her nervous. His hand came down a third time, targeting her other cheek. There was a surprising amount of strength in the swat and she jerked, twisting to try to cover her backside with one hand. Any thought at all about this being a kinky prelude to sex had vanished before it had even formed.

Coming soon! (July 23rd)

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