Surprise Sale!

I know– two posts in one day!! But I’m having a surprise Yule sale and wanted you to be the first to know! Krampus Sir is on sale for the week at .99cents.

This is a Kindle countdown deal, so it only includes the UK and United States. (I have no idea why Amazon excludes other countries, but unfortunately, I can’t do much about it.) This is your chance to get the second Krampus book for only pennies!

And just as a reminder, book one: Daddy Krampus is also on sale all month for 2.99.

You can find the whole series here: The Krampus Collective

Happy Holidays!

2 Replies to “Surprise Sale!”

  1. Since I live in Canada I wish authors would band together and whack Amazon and Jeff Bezos over the head. Maybe they/he need/s a very strict Dom with a strap in his hand. Merry Christmas Lana

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    1. Yes! Seriously it’s so weird. We have the option for the US and for the UK and they have to be set up separately, but that’s all they give us. and it matters because with a kindle countdown our royalty percentage stays the same per book, but if we manually lower it they drop us from 70 to 30%. It’s such a pain.

      I DID drop Daddy Krampus manually though so it /should/ be on sale in all countries for 2.99.


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