Action Daddy Deleted Scene!

For those who aren’t subscribed to my newsletter or missed the last one, I wanted to make sure you got a chance to grab the deleted scene from the last book.

Action Daddy Book Three: The Daddy Returns, was expanded from a short story in the USA Today Bestselling, and International Bestselling Dirty Daddies 2021. I gave it a new beginning, a new ending, and a whole lot of new material in the middle too.

The part that was a short story has been rewritten to make it flow in a longer book. You’ll get to know Mitch’s family a lot better, learn more about his history too, so if all you’ve read is the novella, you’ll definitely want to read the book.

It ended up being about three times the size of the original story after all the rewrites. But there was one short scene that wasn’t working as I expanded the book. It was sweet and full of little family moments, but it interrupted the flow between Mitch and Olivia so I had to cut it.

I did save it because there were so many sweet moments, I couldn’t bear to throw it away, but I thought my readers might love the additional moments with them. There’s nothing steamy in the deleted scenes, it’s just a cozy little scene with Mitch, Olivia, and Emma.

If you read the novella, I’m sure there’s no spoilers in it but if you haven’t read it or the book there might be a few small ones. Nothing major.

So if you’d like to download your copy of this deleted scene, you can grab it here:

You can download it in mobi, epub for your kindle, or I believe you can read it right in the browser window. I hope you enjoy it!

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