A Haunting Experience turns one!

Now that I’ve gotten the hard part out of the way with the website set up and the first blog post done to break the ice, I want to talk about my first book, A Haunting Experience. The timing is just about perfect since the 16th is the one-year anniversary of that book, and I do love to celebrate anniversaries. So, before I go any further and give you a few spoilers on the book (just a few, don’t worry) I wanted to give you the exciting news, then you can skip the spoilers if you don’t want them.

So, in honor of my first book birthday we’re going to be giving A Haunting Experience away for free for five days starting on June 15th on Amazon. You can find it here: https://www.amazon.com/Haunting-Experience-Gifted-Affinities-Book-ebook/dp/B071GVQ7HF along with it’s sequel Awakened with a Touch.

Now the spoilers:

A Haunting Experience, in case you hadn’t read it yet, is a paranormal romance. It features a girl named April who has mediumistic powers she’s inherited from her family but has always avoided using. Long story short, she finds herself locked in a haunted house for a month, with cameras in every room recording her adventures with a kinky dominant ghost. She agreed to stay in the house, and ghosts were expected, but finding one strong enough to actually spank her was not on her agenda—oops!

The catch is, she can see and feel him like he’s a solid person because of her powers, but on film there’s no one there but her. You can kind of imagine how embarrassing that would be right? Especially when they start getting into the naughty stuff. And she’s not an exhibitionist at all so she takes no pleasure in being filmed in all kinds of embarrassing situations. At times her ghost-lover even uses the fact that they are on camera as an additional punishment.

I loved, and still love the concept of seeing someone’s backside turn bright red as they are spanked by an invisible entity. The exquisite embarrassment of the cameras picking up everything, because there’s not even another body to block any of you from view. As far as first novels go I’m really happy with it. It’s longer than the standard for this genre, which meant I had to cut it off a bit more abruptly than I wanted, but it picks up with a sequel and everything is resolved with an HEA at the end of book two.

There’s a little bit of non-con and dubious consent in the books too, which I admit has always given me a thrill. I love the whole grab-and-spank whether you like it or not routine in fiction. It’s hot and it is very suitable for a man born in the 1800’s, but John turns out to be more than that. He was actually somewhat enlightened for his time, despite his initial roughness, and there turns out to be reasons for how he acts, which we discover in book two.

I had an idea in my mind for the ghost, John. He’s a man who’s old-fashioned, but who has observed time passing and is trying to understand that things are different now. He’s not your typical ghost locked into the past and doomed to repeat the same actions over and over. So, while he’s determined to be the master of the house and there are things he won’t put up with, he’s willing to work on meeting April halfway so they can both be happy.

John is strong and self-aware thanks to his deep connection to the house he haunts. He uses it as a battery and harnesses that energy in very physical ways. Very. Physical. So yep, lots of ghost sex, lots of ghost spanking, and some really unexpected twists and turns. I fully admit you will want to read the sequel to get the whole story and I know not everyone loves a cliffhanger like I do, but if you haven’t read it yet now is your chance to get the first one free. And if you read it and like it, please don’t forget to review. That’s the best gift you can give a new author.

Love, Kessily

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