Thoughts escape a crowded mind

Thoughts escape a crowded mind and words spill onto the page… and that kind of freeform writing is probably what you’ll see a lot of here. This blog is going to have a little bit of everything. I plan to use it as a forum for some short stories, but also news and announcements, and general updates. Today I figured I’d start by just giving you some background and a few warnings.

I have been a professional writer for a long time. I was barely in my twenties when I sold my first story and after that I worked fairly consistently every month until now. Believe it or not, I actually started as a fetish artist in the beginning. The editor liked some work I had sent her and wanted to use it but was having trouble fitting it to stories she already had, so she asked me if I could write too. Before I knew it, I was writing short stories as well as illustrating for myself and other writers.

I’d have to research but I’m going to say the rough count is ten different magazines, and a few hundred stories, maybeeeee twice that many illustrations—oh and one stand-alone book of illustrations (F/F). Then, about a year ago I made the big leap from short stories to getting my first novel published and wow, has it been a game changer! Because I’ve always treated writing like a job and I’m used to deadlines, I tend to write quickly and consistently so in the year since my first book came out, I’ve written four more. That one and the three that followed have been published already, the latest is still in the editing/re-write phase and hasn’t been submitted yet but it will be ready soon.

While all my books focus on dominant men and submissive women, I have written just about every type of pairing you can think of in my short stories: Maledom, FemDom, LGBT, switch, menage—and covered a whole range of fetishes in them too, but they almost always include power-exchange relationships. Those dynamics are what I live to write so you’re going to see a whole lot of that here. And spanking, absolutely a lot of spanking! So, you know, if spanking between adults (mostly consensual, but not always) bothers you then you probably shouldn’t be here. If you’re under 18 you should hit the road too. Don’t worry, I’ll be here when you’re of legal age.

Okay, are we good? Everyone understand what they signed up for? Great! Then welcome to my blog! I’m going to try to post fairly frequently but I am not planning a set schedule yet, so let’s just see how it goes with shooting for once or twice a week. If you’ve got some questions for me, feel free to shoot them over and maybe I’ll do a post around them.

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