Cover Reveal: Surrendering to Her General

I’ve been so excited to show you the new cover ever since I saw the mock-up. It really came out amazing and I’m really happy with it. Please note the new pen name. Sadie Marks will be the listed author on this series and maybe other books too. I am considering doing some darker stuff under her name so it’s a good chance to branch out for me.Anyway I hope you like the new cover as much as I do!

Surrendering to Her General

Kenzi was a submissive who’d never quite worked up the courage to tell any of her lovers about her fantasies. She’d never dared to explore her need to be disciplined and dominated, but all that changed when the aliens arrived. Now submissives and masochists of all kinds are a premium product that can be traded to the sadistic Sadec race in exchange for their incredibly advanced technology.

Her life will benefit the entire planet, and her sacrifice will be rewarded in numerous ways. In return, all she has to do is surrender, giving up all freedom and choice for five long years. No safewords, no escape, no changing her mind—once she signs the paperwork, she belongs to whoever buys her.

Tal never intended to keep her for himself, but once he tastes Kenzi’s sweet submission, he finds that he can’t let her be auctioned off to just any crew-member on his ship. He’ll share her with others, whether she likes it or not, but she will belong only to him. His slave. His pet. And if he has his way, she won’t be returning to Earth at the end of five years.

Publisher’s Note: This is a steamy sci-fi with graphic scenes and a theme of power exchange. If this is offensive to you, please do not read it.
(This means there’s lots of spanking and kinky stuff in it, in case you didn’t know!)

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