New release update:June 7th!

Surrendering to Her General is coming soon. I’ve got less than a month left before my 6th book comes out and I’m excited about my first foray into a Sci-fi universe–but some things have come up that I wanted to share.

I’ve been working hard getting things ready for the new release. Thank goodness the Publisher takes care of a lot of the technical details for me. I honestly think I’d just have a stack of unpublished manuscripts if I had to do all of it myself.

This week has been all about looking over and approving the final edits, and also working with the graphic artist on the cover art. I noticed  some new people on my team at Blushing Books (There are about fifteen and I never see or talk to most of them since they work behind the scenes.) and the graphic designer, Eris Adderly, is one of them.  I don’t have cover art to share with you yet, but the mockup blew me away and I can’t wait to see what the final cover looks like.

However, as we were working hard to keep everything on schedule my Publisher suggested it might be time to come up with a new pen name to go with my new genre, and the new imprint that the book is going to be published under. This is very important news since it means the book won’t be listed under Kessily Lewel on Amazon, or connected to that author account.

So… Surrendering to Her General by Sadie Marks will be coming to you care of Eclipse Books, an imprint of Blushing Books. (I think I’ve got that part right!) But please make a note of the new name if you read my books. Once it releases I will make a new Amazon author page to go with it but I’m unlikely to duplicate anything else right now because I have enough on my plate at the moment.

Keep an eye out for cover reveal coming soon, and I’ll post a blurb about the book with it so you know what to expect from my sadistic alien General and his slave.


Kessily Lewel (and Sadie Marks too!)


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