Happy Halloween, Samhain, and All Souls Day

I was on a plane to Rhode Island yesterday morning for Comic Con  when this was supposed to post-but it didn’t (yay for scheduling!) but let’s pretend it did!

Even though I have several blog posts I’m working on at the moment it doesn’t look like I’m going to have the time to get any of them out.

But I thought I’d take a moment to tell you what will be coming up soon, and also wish you a happy holiday if you celebrate it. Personally I love Halloween and it’s always fun to make some new art for the occasion so I hope you enjoy the card.

Up next on the blogging agenda I’ve had a few requests so I’m currently working on:

  • How to make your own Loopy– a silent and moderately severe toy for people who have to worry about noise. I want to include some pictures so I need to get to the hardware store for supplies.
  • Long Distance Relationships– fun time with Littles. G-rated activities you can do from a distance with your sub/little.
  • And also a recommendation and review of a new D/s BDSM anthology that just came out called Dirty Daddies. It has one of the best Long Distance D/s stories I’ve read in it so I really wanted to bring it to your attention.  This will probably be first on my agenda when I get home since the book has now been released.

If you want to pick it up and check it out now you can find it here:  Dirty Daddies.  Daddy kink isn’t usually an interest of mine since I tend to seperate sex and ageplay, but some of my favorite authors are in this so I snapped it up and have loved it so far! I’m hoping to be able to finish it during the plane rides so I can talk about it next week.

And on that note I need to get going. So much to pack and organize!

10 Replies to “Happy Halloween, Samhain, and All Souls Day”

  1. Hi you guys
    I made a really simple loopy out of curtain wire (the thin tightly wound spring like stuff that’s covered in white rubber sheathing)
    And electrical insulation tape simple to fashion a loop one end and a handle at the other and stingy as hell! 😇😈
    Regards Chubs


      1. Kessily it’s just this thin wire wound tightly like a spring only a couple of millimetres across and it’s used to support net curtains I’m not sure of a U.S equivalent?….needless to say it’s very whippy!☺

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Kessily I honestly feel like a perverse individual when touring around the local hardware store for tins of paint or whatever, and find myself studying
      The dowel rods and paint sticks and not necessarily for the given use!…to the point my wife will start to wonder why I’m swishing canes in the gardening section lol! 😃

      Liked by 1 person

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