Long Distance D/s and the Dirty Daddies Anthology

So, if you’ve been following my blog for a while you know that I don’t do many book review posts. In general, this blog is more about D/s relationships than it is about promoting other books in the genre. And I think there are enough blogs out there that cover book reviews without me feeling the need to jump on the bandwagon often, but this is something I think some of my readers might be interested in, especially if you were following my long-distance relationship series.

You can find the first chapter of that series here if you missed it: Long Distance D/s –how does it work?
(By the way I’m working on another chapter of that since I had a topic request.)

So, Dirty Daddies  (<—Click to buy, or read through Kindle Unlimited.) is basically an anthology filled with Daddy kink type D/s relationships. Lots of spanking and discipline, and all kinds of fun stuff in there. Some of the stories have a lot of ageplay, and others are just about a more nurturing type Dom that you call Daddy and there’s not actually much ageplaying going on.

Daddy kink isn’t something I go out of my way to read, because for me ‘Daddy’ is ageplay and I prefer non-romantic, non-sexual when I let my little side out. However, this anthology has some amazing writers in it that I really admire. So, I read it anyway and I absolutely enjoyed it. My favorites were Long Distance Daddy, of course, and then Daddy’s Little Liar by Maren Smith, and Daddy’s Precious Girl by Katie Douglas, who was a new author for me.

But the reason I’m bringing it up here is that there is a novella in the anthology that gives you a great example of a fictional long-distance D/s relationship. There aren’t many books or stories out there that show you what being in that kind of relationship is like, so I wanted to draw your attention to it. Especially since it does show you some of the punishments, I discussed in my blog series.

Long Distance Daddy was written by Rayanna Jamison and Allysa Hart (click for their author pages on FB) and they have done an excellent job of bringing a long-distance D/s relationship to life. You can see the main character, Jessie, struggling to deal with having a boyfriend/Daddy Dom who is long distance and how they end up taking care of discipline issues. You also get to see little slice of life stuff like how they spend time together while separated.

He appears to have experience in Domming from a distance. I suspect this is not his first rodeo, though it’s not really discussed. Jessie, however, is a complete novice who at first can’t even believe it’s possible for him to discipline her from across the world. Ha! Poor Jessie finds out the hard way that he can do quite a lot from over there.

What I really loved is how clearly the embarrassment comes through when she has to do the spanking part herself in front of the camera while he directs. The story breaks it down so you can really feel the awkwardness about the whole thing. She isn’t good at it, at first. And that’s absolutely normal with directed-spanking.

She’s frustrated, humiliated, and it’s this major struggle to figure out how to do it.  Michael is patient and walks her through it, being very detailed with exactly what he wants her to do, but when the punishment stops it’s clear that it’s not nearly as effective, physically, as it would be if he was there, but that the added embarrassment had helped to make it a thorough punishment.

It takes time and practice to learn how to land a smack that not only hurts but looks and sounds nice and crisp too. If the Dom doesn’t hear or see a good solid smack, you’re likely to have to repeat it even if you did get a good bit of sting—and trust me, you don’t want that.

He understands that she just couldn’t do it as hard as he wanted her to, because it takes time to build up to that. She was doing her best and that’s what mattered for the first time. Practice helps with those things and eventually as you get used to it the embarrassment lessens somewhat, but your ability to spank harder and accurately increases so it stays balanced and continues to be an effective punishment.

If you’re in a long-distance relationships and considering adding discipline while apart, rather than just saving it all up for in-person meetings, then you definitely want to catch this story because it reads as very real to me and I’ve been doing this a long time.  And even if you aren’t the whole novella is worth reading anyway.

3 Replies to “Long Distance D/s and the Dirty Daddies Anthology”

    1. Hi! Unfortunately anthologies are often limited editions and they are unpublished after a set time. This was available for 6 months before they took it down from Amazon. However, after the anthology is removed most of the time the individual authors then publish the stories separately, sometimes with expanded story lines. I know some of those are already out. The long distance one I was speaking of will be released on its own in two weeks and I can let you know when it comes out and give you a link if you like.


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