Taming His Brat teaser and party announcement

The sequel to Claiming His Brat is going to be called Taming His Brat. I’m not entirely happy with it but it works, and honestly after discarding dozens of names I ran out of energy to keep waffling.

I’m not sure if I’ve shared a teaser yet but since I’m looking at wrapping up the ending in the next couple of days I felt like I should share something.

Before I jump into that, I’d like to announce a party I’m participating in on Saturday, January 16th 5pm-10pm (EST). It will be taking place on Facebook in the Syrene Burns Members group . This will be to celebrate Syrene Burns’ (Char Cauley) new release: Tawny’s Gold. If you like historical romance with lots of spanking, you may enjoy her books.

If you’ve never been to an author group party on Facebook you really should give it a try. Typically you have at least 8-10 authors participating, all writing similar kinds of work (In our case it’s usually spanking, BDSM, power exchange stuff) and each one of them will be posting about their new releases. There’s games, giveaways, lots of prizes.

It’s a chance to get close to the authors you enjoy, ask them questions, and have a good time for free. And maybe if you’re lucky you’ll walk away with some neat swag and prizes too. So come hang out… I mean we’re in a pandemic what else do you have to do, right?

Now, on to the teaser of my latest book. If all goes well the book should be done by the end of the weekend, so yay! I have an appointment with the cover designer soon, so be on the look out for that maybe next week.

Taming His Brat (unedited)

“You know what to do.” He jerked his chin towards the beat-up old desk.

Charlie sighed and bit down on her bottom lip as she crossed the office to stand in front of it. She slowly leaned over and planted her hands flat on the top, which wasn’t what he wanted, and she knew it. But she kind of loved it when he got impatient and positioned her how he wanted her—even though she knew it would probably add to the punishment in one way or the other.

He came up behind her and pressed until she was flat to the desk with her cheek against the wooden surface. His body molded to hers as he bent to whisper in her ear. “You’re not doing yourself any favors, girl. I’ve been itching to wear out your ass for a few days now. You really want to push on this?”

“No…” Maybe she did though because she wiggled her ass, grinding back against him playfully. She really had missed him, missed their nightly playtime. It wasn’t punishment she was wanting right now.

Unfortunately, punishment was what she’d earned, and Sam wasn’t going to let her change course this time. “No, Charlie. Nice try, but no. This little discussion is long overdue. You’re not turning this into sex.” His whisper had grown harsher by the end.

He straightened and yanked her skirt up onto her back roughly. “If you’re going to keep behaving like this, I might just keep you in skirts. Sure makes this easier,” he commented. He dropped her underwear so fast they landed on the floor before she even realized what was happening.

She heard the icy chill of anger in his voice and suddenly she wondered If this was just because of a missed shift. It seemed like there was more going on than just that. She shifted a little, craning her head to look back over her shoulder so she could try to gauge his level of annoyance.

“Eyes front, Charlotte. If I see your face again, I’m going to start adding to the punishment.”

Her head snapped back around without needing any further inducement. “Sam, I’m really sorry I missed work. I promise it won’t happen again,” she assured him with all the sincerity she could muster. It had been a while since she’d been in really deep trouble.

Since things had started running smoothly there had been punishment for small things, and the playful kind of punishment that they both could enjoy, nothing major. But she was starting to think she’d drastically underestimated how much trouble she was in at the moment.

“What did you call me? Am I Sam when you’re being punished?”

She really was making everything worse. “Sorry, Daddy. I meant Daddy.” He hadn’t had to remind her of that in ages because she’s started doing it as a matter of habit, but she was so anxious her mind wasn’t really engaged.

“I forgive you, Charlie. I’m adding another five with the belt though, because you obviously need it.” His large, calloused hand settled on her bare ass cheek and squeezed hard. “Grab the desk, girl. I’m done giving reminders today so any mistakes will have instant penalties,” he warned her.

She expected him to start with his hand. Even when he was punishing her, he almost always did. It was a warmup, but only in the way that sitting on a hotplate was a warmup for dunking your butt in lava—Sam had a hard and heavy hand. But they both liked the more personal touch of skin-to-skin to start with. It eased them into the scene.

So, when she heard the belt whistling through the loops she shivered, but she wasn’t actually expecting to feel the evil sting right then. She thought maybe he was going to put it in front of her so she could be reminded of what was coming. Or possibly he just wanted to have it ready and waiting.

She was taken completely by surprise a second later when a searing line of fire slashed across her ass and sent her up on her toes with a startled yelp of pain. She was half-way to rising from the desk before she remembered his warning and threw herself flat again.

“Daddy! That hurt!” she blurted. It was embarrassing and clichéd to say it and she regretted the lapse before the last syllable left her lips, but the surprise had been completely unpleasant.

“Pretty sure it’s meant to, kid, unless the point of punishment has changed recently. Since you’re feeling talkative though, you might as well count them out as we do this. I know how much you love that.” He snickered a little because she hated having to keep track of the numbers and he knew it.

She felt like stomping her feet and banging her fists against the desk, but she reined herself in and had to be satisfied with letting her forehead thump solidly against the desktop. “One,” she mumbled.

“Good girl. I’m not feeling like stopping after every stroke to wait around for you to remember to count so we’re going to blaze through this quickly. Make sure you keep up.”

A shudder went down her back and a slight moan of dismay slipped out too softly for him to hear. The belt brought a fierce sting with it but there was something almost sensual about the burning caress of leather across her skin. Even during punishment her body often reacted with arousal when he used leather – at least for a while.

That wasn’t the case when the belt strokes came fast, and it sounded like that was his plan. This wasn’t going to be any fun at all.

Is that enough to get you excited for the next book? I hope so because pre-orders will be going up soon!

Join me back here next week for a look at a basic organization tool that can help both subs and Doms keep up with things. For now… Stay Safe, Stay healthy, and Stay home if you can!

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