Krampus Doms is Live! (Have a teaser!)

Krampus Doms is up! If you pre-ordered, you will find it in your kindle right now!

If you didn’t pre-order the book you can grab it here and it’s in KU also: Krampus Doms

I’m really excited about this book because I had so much fun writing it. it flowed beautiful and the chemistry was on point for the whole book. I don’t get to do many menage stories and I may need to change that.

Here’s a bit of a run down on the series and a warning. These stories are romance so they do end with a HEA, but they are also a little on the dark side.

If you aren’t familiar with Krampus you can read more about him here: Krampus the Myths and Legends

I’ve kept to the legends in a lot of places, but we’ve branched out because they aren’t looking for evil people this year. They are looking for mates and of course mates will be handled differently than your average sinner.

There is absolutely non-consensual punishment and kidnapping in keeping with the myths which obviously makes them darker. All sex is consensual, however.

So, each year I plan to release at least one book, two if I have time. This year I didn’t have time and I decided to do the menage that I had always planned to do, with two of the Collective sharing.

While the first two of their number ended up with names that were more titles, these two have names that are based off the Santa Claus legends–for reasons you’ll learn. Kristopher (never Kris, thank you very much!) and Nick both fall for the same human girl and since neither is willing to step back… they decide to share.

Nick is very much a Daddy Dom type. He’s stern and strict as a Krampus has to be– but he also has a protective nurturing side. He’s also spent a lot of time around humans and enjoys them, so he’s more relaxed and has a sense of humor.

Kristopher is the opposite. He’s never gotten as close to humans. He’s remained aloof, feeling that in his role as punisher of the wicked he needs distance. As a result, their new mate often confuses him, but he feels a strong connection to her. He ends up sometimes understanding her on a deeper level than Nick.

And Lydia? She just wants to be loved and taken care of–something she’s never really had in her life.

Since I don’t believe I shared any teasers for this one I’ll rectify that now!

Krampus Doms

A short, but steamy snippet

He dropped her on the bed and watched her face as he stripped the clothes from her body. Kristopher settled on the pillows behind her, her head resting in his lap. He pulled her arms up, holding them so she was helpless.

Nick spread her legs and found the slick wetness between her thighs without even looking. He circled her clit with his thumb while he stared into her eyes. “What a naughty wet girl you are… I think we’re going to have to do something about this.” He growled as he lowered his head, breathing across her soaked curls but not touching.

Not yet.

“Bad girls get lickings, but good girls… they get eaten until their legs shake and they think they’re going to die if they come one more time.” A wide grin stretched his mouth and then he let her see his tongue.

There were benefits to being a shapeshifter, and their old look had some very pointed features that he still found useful. The long thick tongue was one of them.

It rolled out of his mouth, curling, twisting, writhing like a snake. Her mouth dropped open wide, and she jerked back in shock. There was a touch of fear too maybe.

“What… what is that” she blurted.

One thing the tongue wasn’t great for was talking. It gave him a hissing lisp he wasn’t a fan of. Kristopher laughed, understood the problem and explained. “That’s his tongue, Lydia. It is prehensile and very dexterous at giving pleasure. I guarantee you’ve never felt anything like it.”

Nick waggled his eyebrows at her as her expression changed to one of excitement. He held her gaze as he moved down, building the anticipation before he finally buried his face between her thighs.

His hands slid underneath her, gripping each sore cheek and squeezing until she gasped and lifted her ass off the bed, grinding against his mouth desperately.

He feasted. His tongue swirled around her clit; caressing, squeezing, and hitting every nerve ending until she was panting and making high-pitched whining sounds.

Then he drove it deep inside of her, fucking her with it in a way a cock could never manage.

It twisted inside of her like a thick cable, stroking her walls, filling her up. The g-spot was fondled and kneaded until she screamed out her pleasure. He brought her to the edge and sent her tumbling over again and again.

She begged him to stop. “It—it’s too much. I’ll die!”

Nick sent a thought to Kristopher and he relayed it to her. “You should be grateful he didn’t bring out the tail. It’s just as skilled and then he could claim two holes at the same time.”

What do you think? Is that hot enough? If so… go grab your copy now!

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